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Академия Кибертехнологий

Академия Кибертехнологий
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Network-Centric Architecture for Tensor Control of Distributed Neural Network

The course for Strengthening and Development of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES
are scheduled!

WE ARE IN THE PERMANENT CREATIVE PROCESS of determining of the financial boundaries of a digital technology and its expansion based on THE COMMUNICATION OF ALGORITHMS AND INTEGRATION PROCESSES CREATIVELY ACTIVE INDIVIDUALS in all spheres of socio-economic development of the world community.

WE STAND on the eve of the FORMATION of the CRYPTO INVESTMENT PLATFORM WITH a UNIQUE FORMULA of the EURASIAN CURRENCY UNION http://eurasia.expert/strany-eaes-dvizhutsya-k-sozdaniyu-valyutnogo-soyuza/ on the BASIS of the CREATION of a SINGLE CRYPTO-CURRENCY CONVERTER – this is a universal opportunity for the development of participants for unitary national currency systems in the implementation of a new supranational Architecture of monetary issue and the synchronization of common plans for different cultural, national, public and public entities!!!

WE CAN work TOGETHER to CREATE all necessary conditions for the introduction of a fundamentally new approach to forming an effective digital financial and legal mechanisms for development of integration processes in a single constructive global economic environment, with the simultaneous transformation of the existing Global Financial Architecture that in the future will inevitably and certainly lead to HARMONIZATION of relations of the World community in all SPHERES of human DEVELOPMENT and PEACEFUL coexistence!!!

Among the key tasks for the medium term, the design and methods of solving these problems have already been determined in principle!

And we need to focus on the introduction of a fundamentally new policy for the development of a new Financial digital decentralized system, the main goal of which is the development of the High-Tech Industry system, which should be based on the management of its authors - specialists with the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies in the organization of effective management of their own digital blockchain projects.

By integrating of the innovation process, we need to combine in a single process the ideas, the latest developments, the creation (or acquisition) of innovative products (technology, services) and their subsequent commercialization, i.e. the successful launch of innovations in the industry – a technology of direct protected investment.

The Model scheme of global financial and credit institutes and well-known standard package of services in the existing Banks is familiar for everybody, but as each Bank uses one or two of the original marketing technique and applies standard package of credit services, the analogy and comparison of the Blockchain technology and proposed on this basis in the form of generating a whole family of digital products, the emission of the program "TALENT" http://www.trinitas.ru/rus/doc/0024/001a/00241004.htm and project “SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR" http://www.trinitas.ru/rus/doc/0024/001a/00241007.htm are out of the competition.

There more, the advantage of digital products which we're creating is a just purely consumer quality, and the prices and marketing scheme are scientifically justified, the redistribution of the share of direct investment is predicted based on the originality, simplicity and availability of financial instruments of the family of digital products "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR" and absolutely separately for each client and for each individual project.

Modeling of the situation with the release of the family of new digital products "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR" on the international markets will provide us with leadership in this direction, as well as in terms of expanding the impact on the financial services market, as one of the most reliable in the field of security investments, as optimally minimized risky financial and legal transactions and projects with significant long-term innovative prospects.

Proposals and methodology for starting positions, respectively, should be put up on our part, as a rule, in accordance with the legal legislative regulations.

We hope that the participants of the project "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR", will consider and analyze the preliminary version carefully!!! A more detailed mechanism and corresponding methodologies will be presented by us after your decision on joining the Association of CYBER TECHNOLOGIES. Everyone has only to make a decision and agree with our colleagues the step-by-step forming of a Joint Crypto Investment Platform and launching a pilot project of this model on the main platform "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR" https://saturn.black/.

The first and most important thing in this - launching such a mechanism of digital financial technologies, we enable the holder of financial instruments and projects confidence in the formation of capital for the implementation of its own project and the legality of its origin, freedom from any financial obligations and, accordingly, ensuring control over the targeted use of these funds by all project participants.

The Second - in accordance with the monetary policy of the CBR and National Banks of the CIS, we need to deploy a Crypto Investment platform from the Territories of Russia + CIS http://www.bc-cis.ru/forum forum at the same time, naturally, it will take a little time for preparatory work in these Countries.

The Third. Presentation and road map of the emission program "TALENT" for review, posted on the websites https://www.hti-foundation.com; https://saturn.black/.

And in this format, we will be able to form and determine the real basis of our cooperation and development of integrated economic projects with the use of digital financial technologies.

Options for working with investors ' money and their conversion are feasible in the following scenario:


1. Determination of the range for potential participants-investors (creditors).

2. Preparation of the substantive documentation and contracts with the participants-investors:

    1. detailed development of a schedule for the introduction of innovative technologies;
    2. development of a schedule of financing and return of income, taking into account the minimum risk for the operator Bank;
    3. joint risk assessment with potential investors and insurance companies.

3. Study of the issue of a state support (Federal and Regional budget, departmental) since the financing of the project.

4. Advertising campaigns involving the media and advertising companies.



1. Formation of investment project management group, through the structure of the Holding on a Private-Public basis with the creation of subsidiaries.

2. Creating the necessary conditions for the development of the Operator Bank as an Investment.

3. Optimization of the management structure in the Operator Bank.


1. Stage of the administrative and operational activities and creating prerequisites for the development of Crypto Investment Platform and optimization plan start a profitable marketable equity program of "TALENT" at a preliminary stage of readiness http://talantup.com/ico/#.

2. In the End, expanding the Crypto Investment Platform through the platform https://www.hti-foundation.com which will be the host and reserving (blocking) the Investors ' funds on correspondent accounts with your BANK STATEMENT we start emission mechanism of a family of digital products "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR" and thus we obtain the desired formula for the integration of all participants of the project "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR", through the creation of a Crypto Investment Platform for the purpose of conducting Investment trading and Attract Real Investment to the holders of own projects and programs. As a result, determining the target status of each series of the release of the family of digital products "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR" for specific target integration projects, creating mechanisms for a permanent system of investment trading with a Single Settlement And Clearing System "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR", investors at their discretion, will choose an investment - attractive projects, and invest their own capital in them and determine their status in equity participation.


These Guidelines for the development and implementation of a decentralized system of digital financial and legal technologies in various fields of science and industry are designed to assist in the creation of infrastructure elements of the innovation base system of the digital economy, ensuring sustainable development of the economy of the countries on the Communication Algorithms Integration processes Creatively Active Individuals.

The recommendations include identifying and assigning the basic elements of the digital economy development in the overall infrastructure of the implementation of Equity programs "TALENT" http://www.trinitas.ru/rus/doc/0024/001a/00241004.htm and the Project "the MISSION of TRION" http://www.trinitas.ru/rus/doc/0024/001a/00241002.htm

Provides a mechanism for creating a basic legal and regulatory technologies for the organization of financing of the activity of enterprises on the basis of all functional elements of this decentralized system of current management and control of the project "MISSION-TRION" and the emission of the Program "TALENT" built into the infrastructure of innovative technological development and create a network of International technology parks "High-Tech Industry" (https://www.hti-foundation.com).

To this end, together with partners from different countries, we carry out a set of activities to promote and implement the decentralized system of digital financial and legal technologies, with the creation of digital 3D models of production and technological, information and specialized infrastructure projects, in order to disseminate the experience and mechanism to ensure guaranteed operation at all stages of implementation and development of digital technologies, strengthening the role of natural growth of intellectual activity resource, based on the desire of people to implement their own ideas and projects and thus to provide decent conditions for creative life.

In the digital economy, the intensive development of innovative technologies should lead to the improvement of the development of modern science-intensive industries, increase in total employment and industrial development of underdeveloped and backward regions of the countries. The functions of innovative digital economy for General professional development of specialists in the field of planning, organization and management within the framework of productive creative activity aimed at creating and disseminating their ideas in the social and material environment in which its life cycle of transformation and transformation of intellectual property into a material product with fixing its value in the consumer market are important.

The legal norms provided for in the legislative framework of the countries, which support the introduction of digital financial technologies, make it possible to accelerate the creation of new organizational elements of the infrastructure for the development of the digital economy, create a favorable climate for attracting high-efficiency investments in fast-track projects, stimulating the vector of development of the effective use of new technology.

Practical measures for the competitive selection of investment and innovation projects, the organization of their expertise, the formation of investment pools are already being implemented in the form of ICO https://prostocoin.com/blog/what-is-ico with the open placement of Tokens, to attract direct investment for specific target projects with the formation of blocks of transaction records at specific facilities around the world with the participation of exchanges, insurance funds and banks.

The purpose of creating an ICO's pool is the integration of efforts, mainly funds of private investors - within the framework of functions related to the implementation of a specific program or project, as a self-organizing self-developing decentralized system with its own independent nerve endings, within which all legal relations are built on a contractual basis in such a way that all participating partners operate in the investment market through the so-called Partner-Leader, who is the founder of the pool with adaptation to the specific conditions of investment circulation in all countries of the World.

Joint management of the circulation of investment capital is provided in unions, associations, funds or agencies (innovation), grouping participants of investment processes on various basis of forms of capital circulation, acting in the status of legal entities on the existing legal framework of state territorial entities regulated in the international system of investment reproduction of capital.

Pool participants are divided into two categories: partner-leader (General investor) and partner-participants (Investors). Although the pool becomes an independent object of economic activity, the creation of the authorized Fund of the pool is not provided, since the functions of managing the pool in the starting period are assumed by the Partner-Leader. The Partner-Leader opens a pioneer project, forms certain funds, the composition, purpose and procedure for the formation of which are determined by the board of the pool and enshrined in the Memorandum on the establishment of the pool.

1. Partner-Leader (https://www.hti-foundation.com) acts within the framework of the statutory provisions:

  • assumes all public rights and obligations for specific investment projects;
  • conducts market analysis on supply and demand for investment resources;
  • creates a portfolio of proposals; prepares investment projects for the competition;
  • concludes trust agreements with investors on the use of capital in investment projects;
  • syndicates start-up capital on pioneer investment projects;
  • conducts investment preparation of the territory, which is expressed in the consolidation in its name of all rights and obligations arising from the programs of development of territories;
  • receives in its name all the necessary license rights on the terms of their subsequent assignment by the investor investing in the development of territories.

2. Partner-leader https://www.hti-foundation.com acts by converting organizational capital (licenses and rights) into divisible and alienable, it actually solves the problem of creating a liquid (insurance) Fund to provide a financial mechanism for holding a tender for investment projects and their subsequent implementation. As a result, it creates a basis for attracting direct investment resources of the population from all over the world to the territory of implementation of specific investment projects - because they are the source of the rights of solidarity and public administration, the owner of productive power by definition.

The subsequent integration of capital is implemented in investment projects, and not only the property value of the means of production is generalized, but also capitalized income in the form of specific benefits for each private investor, regardless of the territory of residence and citizenship.

Based on digital financial and legal technology, the system of preparation and implementation of innovative projects will, in our opinion, contribute to the development of the economy of regions and countries as a whole, as well as to the strengthening of international sectoral relations, which is ultimately expressed in the harmonization of the development of private innovative entrepreneurship.


  • Key - a sequence of characters that is generated, stored, used and destroyed in accordance with cryptographic requirements and used as control information in cryptographic transformations such as encryption/decryption, calculation of cryptographic integrity check, generation/verification of electronic digital signature.
  • TOKEN Technology Ordinatours Key Elotatione of Namera (NAME and NUMBER) intangible and tangible asset https://prostocoin.com/blog/what-is-token.
  • COIN - Char-faith-in-g Ordinatour Indicative Namber.
  • BITCOIN – BLOCKS for INTEGRATION OF TRANSACTIONS https://bitcoin.org/en/.
  • TALENTTensor Architecture of Language for The Encryption Neural Transaction / Tensor Architecture for Linear Algorithms of Neural Transactions, http://uni-mera.ru/wp-content/uploads/005_Petrov.pdf
    (ALAN TURING's THEORY: http://fb.ru/article/228152/tyuring-alan-biografiya-foto-rabotyi-vklad-v-informatiku).
  • CRYPTOPSYMBOL – cryptographic information matrix as a means of packaging, coding and transportation of information is very high density.
  • Crypto-Information matrix - Converter of incoming information into a combination of Reversible crypto codes. The use of matrices with a reversible code in the field of emission of electronic money (crypto-currency), will provide, in turn, the solution of problems in all areas of management and control of socio-economic development of countries and puts it out of competition, while its implementation does not require ultra-high technologies, because the matrix is not a technological development - a new mathematical solution.
  • Neuron is the element of the decision rule or the network that accepts the final decision, is able to evaluate a distance measure between a controlled fragment of biometric standard and presented for comparison to the same fragment of the vector of the biometric parameters.
  • The Neural Architecture of the Communication Algorithms Module – Oriented Transactional system Asynchronously Symmetric Algorithms Transit and Object Encryption Information.
  • The architecture of the Neural Organization of Reverse Circulation crypto-currencies (E-money) with a communication System Control Algorithms for Robot Integrators TRION (Transcommunications Robot Integrator Object-Oriented Neuro assignment).
  • Network-centric Architecture of Tensor Control of Distributed neural Network "SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR"


ICO project management basics


    • Goals, objectives.
    • The relevance of the ICO project management methodology.
    • History of project management: professional organizations, domestic and foreign experience.

Basic concept

    • ICO project, elements, characteristics and project participants.
    • Types and types of ICO projects.
    • The environment of the ICO project.
    • The essence of ICO project management.
    • The life cycle and phases of the ICO project.

Organizational structure of ICO project management

    • Types of organizational structures (project, matrix, etc.).
    • Distribution of functions, rights and duties.
    • Relationship of the project team with the project managers and participants.

Socio-economic conditions of the implementation of the ICO project

    • Public policy in the management and regulation of the digital economy. Features of investment policy at the present stage. Market of investments, ICO projects and contract works.
    • Financial and Legal system of ICO project management.
    • Pricing.
    • The mechanism of distribution of material and technical resources.
    • The market of securities, goods and services. Socio-economic environment.
    • Legislation in the field of electronic money circulation and regulation of investment activities, taxes.
    • Enterprise: types of activities and forms of ownership, organizational structures, methods of management, financing, logistics.

Pre-investment (initial) phase

Development of the concept for ICO project

    • Definition of public needs and goals of the ICO project.
    • Study of economic, financial, technological, environmental, social, organizational aspects.
    • Technical and economic analysis and justification, risk assessment.

Analysis of investment opportunities

    • Identification of funding needs. Sources and methods of financing. Financial risk.

Completion of the pre-investment phase

    • Examination.
    • Selection of participants.
    • Negotiation.
    • Making investment decisions.

ICO project development phase


    • Types of plans and features of planning. The main stages, principles and techniques of planning.
    • ICO project structuring: goals, final products, works, participants, costs.
    • Scheduling.
    • Identification of needs and allocation of resources.

Design documentation development

    • Stages of design, the composition of project documentation.
    • Design technology.
    • Examination and approval of project documentation.
    • International design standards.
    • Control over the development of project documentation.

Budget and budget development

    • Calculation of the cost for ICO project.
    • Development of financial plans and budget of the ICO project.
    • Order and methods of financing.
    • Composition and structure of documentation.

System of clover contracts and smart contracts

    • Types of clover contracts, composition of contract documentation.
    • Tenders and organization of tenders.
    • Control over the implementation of smart contracts, property liability.
    • Protests and conflict resolution.
    • Technology of preparation and consideration of claims in the Supreme arbitration court.
    • International smart contracts and their features.
    • International arbitration.

Risk analysis and insurance

    • Types of risks and methods of their calculation.
    • Insurance system, types, procedures.
    • System and structure of documentation.

ICO project implementation phase


    • Structure, principles of functioning of the system of material and technical support.
    • Planning process and selection of suppliers.
    • Organization of procurement, control of supply of resources.

Operational management of ICO project

    • Development of operational plans and schedules.
    • Monitoring the progress of work at various stages of the ICO project.
    • Resource consumption monitoring.
    • Cost monitoring.
    • Assessment, development and decision-making.
    • The coordination and regulation of the implementation.

Quality control

    • The main provisions of quality assessment and certification.
    • Quality system.
    • Methods and means of quality assessment.
    • Norms, standards, technical conditions
    • The final phase of the ICO project

Completion of ICO of the project

    • Delivery, acceptance and closure of the ICO project.
    • The audit of the accounts.
    • Evaluation of results of implementation of the ICO project.
    • Final payments on smart contracts.
    • The human aspect of running ICO projects

Psychological basis of management

    • Brief psychological characteristics of the main forms of personality.
    • Psychological properties of man.
    • Methods and tests of identification.


    • The role of the individual in the management of the ICO project.
    • Leadership style.
    • The choice of the leader, his rights and duties.

Creating a project team

    • Selection of team members, distribution of functions.
    • Stimulation.
    • Creating a favorable psychological climate.
    • Evaluation of team members and the team as a whole.

Workshops and negotiations

    • Preparation for meetings and negotiations.
    • Choice of strategy and tactics.
    • Situations of conflict, types of conflicts.
    • Conflict resolution, agreement, consensus.
    • Ways to improve the style and methods of conducting and resolving conflicts.

Relationships with the ICO project environment

    • Relationships within the organization.
    • External participants of the ICO project, investors, contractors, local authorities.
    • Influence of public organizations, social groups and mass media.

Information management systems in ICO project management

Basic hardware and software.

3D modeling of the implementation of the ICO project.

The composition of databases in the investment field.

Information about means of communication and data transmission.


Академия Кибертехнологий, Project «SATURN – 3D TWING3TOR» // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.25324, 03.04.2019

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