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Sergey V. Petoukhov

Страничка автора и работы на русском языке »»»

Sergey V. Petoukhov

Dr. Phys.-Math. Sci, Grand Ph.D., Full Professor, Laureate of the State prize of the USSR, academician, petoukhov@hotmail.com

  • 1964-970- a student of Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, Department: Physics of Living Systems.
  • 1970-1973 — postgraduate of Moscow Physical-Technical Institute.
  • 1973 — dissertation of candidate of biological sciences (in «biophysics» specialty).
  • 1973 — till now — Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (Department of Biomechanics), Russian Academy of Sciences, now — Chief research worker.
  • 1988 — Dissertation of Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (in two specialties: «biomechanics» and «crystallography and crystallophysics»)
  • 1988 — a foreign stager of the Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada.
  • 1989 — 2000 — Vice-President of the International society «ISIS-Symmetry» («International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry»).
  • 2000 — till now — Director of Department of Biophysics and Chairman of Scientific-Technical Council in «Scientific-Technical Center of Information Technologies and Systems (INTES)».
  • 2000 — till now — Academician of Academy of Quality Problems (Russia).
  • 2003 — till now — Chairman of International Advisory Board of «International Symmetry Association (ISA)» (its headquarters is at Budapest, Hungary, http://us.geocities.com/symmetrion/).
  • 2003- till now — Honorary chairman of Board Directors of «International Society of Symmetry in Bioinformatics (ISSB)» (its headquarters is at Florida, USA, http://polaris.nova.edu/MST/ISSB)
  • 2003 — 2004 — Chairman of the International Program Committee of «International Conference on Bioinformatics and its Applications-2004» (December, 2004, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA).
  • 2003 — till now — Vice-president, National Academy of Intellectual and Social Technologies (Russia).
  • 2004 — Grand Doctor of Philosophy, Full Professor (The European Academy of Informatization (Belgium, www.euro-academy.org),
  • 2004 — Academician of the European Academy of Informatization (Belgium, www.euro-academy.org),
  • 2004 — Academician of the International Diplomatic Academy, (Belgium, www.bridgeworld.org)
  • 2005 — till now — co-leader of scientific cooperation between Russian and Hungarian Academies of Sciences in the theme.

S.Petoukhov is a member of editorial boards of the international journals «Journal of Biological Systems» (World Scientific, New Jersey/London/Singapore/Beijing/…) and «Symmetry: Culture and Science» (ISF, published in Hungary). He is a guest editor of «Symmetry in Genetic Information», ISBN 963216 242 0, special double issue of the journal «Symmetry: Culture and Science», 2001, v.12, #3-4. He is an editor (together with M.He and G.Narasimhan) of the book «Advances in Bioinformatics and its Applications», Series in Mathematical Biology and Medicine, v. 8, 2005, World Scientific.

S.Petoukhov was one of the main organizers of a few International conferences: the conferences on symmetries in science and culture (1989, Budapest, Hungary; 1992, Hiroshima, Japan; 1995, Washington, USA; 1998, Haifa, Israel; 2003 and 2006, Budapest, Hungary), the conference «Bioinformatics and its Applications (2004, Fort Lauderdale, USA), etc.

Main publications
He is an author of 150 scientific works, including four books. Main publications are:

  • 1) Petoukhov S.V. «Biomechanics, Bionics and Symmetry», Moscow, 1981 (in Russian);
  • 2) Petoukhov S.V «Geometries of Living Nature and Algorithms of Self-Organization», Moscow, 1988 (in Russian); 3) Petoukhov S.V. «Biosolitons. The Bases of Soliton Biology», Moscow, 1999, (http://members.tripod.com/vismath/sg/pet.htm);
  • 4) Petoukhov S.V «The Biperiodic Table of Genetic Code and Number of Protons», Moscow, 2001 (http://members.tripod.com/vismath/sg/petoukhov.htm);
  • 5) Petoukhov S. V., Genetic codes I: Binary sub-alphabets, bi-symmetric matrices and golden section. In: Symmetry in Genetic Information, ed. by Petoukhov S.V. (special double issue of the journal «Symmetry: Culture and Science», International Symmetry Foundation, Budapest, 2001), pp.255-274;
  • 6) Petoukhov S. V., Genetic codes II: Numeric rules of degeneracy and a chronocyclic theory. In: Symmetry in Genetic Information, ed. by Petoukhov S.V. (special double issue of the Journal «Symmetry: Culture and Science», International Symmetry Foundation, Budapest, 2001), pp. 275-306
  • 7) S.V.Petoukhov «Attributive conception of genetic code, its bi-periodic tables and problem of unification bases of biological languages» — Symmetry: Culture & Science, vol. 14-15, part 1, 2003-2004, pp.281-307;
  • 8) S.V.Petoukhov «The rules of degeneracy and segregations in genetic codes. The chronocyclic conception and parallels with Mendel's law's» — In: «Advances in Bioinformatics and its Applications» (editors — M.He, G.Narasimhan, S.Petoukhov), Proceedings of the International Conference (Florida, USA, 16-19 December 2004), Series in Mathematical Biology and Medicine, v.8, 2005, pp.512-532, New Jersey-London-Singapore-Beijing, World Scientific.
  • 9) Petoukhov S. V., Symmetries in biology. In Supplement to the book: Shubnikov A. V. and Koptsik V. A., Symmetries in Science and Art (3-d edition, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, Мoscow, 2004) pp. 482--523 (in Russian).

He is a specialist in theoretical and mathematical biology (in particular, in problems of genetic codes and bioinformatics), biomechanics, crystallography, theories of symmetry and self-organization.

Contacts: petoukhov@hotmail.com

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