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Институт Физики Вакуума - Отзывы

Moshe Carmeli (Моше Кармели)
Dear Doctor Shipov
Oб авторе

I have followed the recent correspondence of several authors about your work, and I want to express my own opinion also. From these correspondents, which sometimes are scientific artiles by themselves, I can only suggest that your work, both in experiment and in theory, is of high interest and importance. I can only suggest that your work be kept going on in spite of the difficulties you are encountering and I personally have a high opinion on it.

I am aware that some collegues in Russia have criticized your work but I think this is the way science makes progress. Without criticism science would not progress as it should be. Sometimes it is the most qualified people who make the criticism and that is not surprising. I think you should continue with your endevore to achieve your targets which I assume is very hard. Don't give up. Just continue. I am sure you will succeed in spite of all the difficulties and I wish you all the very best both personally and professionally.

Sincerely yours,

Moshe Carmeli

Moshe Carmeli (Моше Кармели) Dear Doctor Shipov // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.12770, 30.12.2005

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