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P. Gariaev (Ph.D., Dr.Sci., Acad.)
Prospects of wave genetics. Extended comment
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We now have a situation in genetics, molecular biology, and medicine in general, that is simultaneously both paradoxical and promising. Long ago, science decided to investigate the genetic codes of human beings.

Science has now completed the 10 years long effort of mapping the DNA sequences of human beings, called the Genome. All of the letters and sequences of the DNA codes of human beings are now known.

Because of these results, the forces of transgenetic engineering have been gathering momentum. Already, scientists have introduced artificial gene sequences into sets of plants, animals, and bacteria, which are being used as carriers of these artificially introduced genes. Such experiments have been thought to hold great potential in human health applications, promising possible cures for many diseases and disabilities, and in the creation of disease resistant food stuffs, promising a greater abundance of food.

Paradoxically, the more success we have in such genetic and molecular biology technologies, the farther we seem to be from understanding the actual foundational principles, the inner workings, of the genetic codes.

So far, successes in this direction have mainly been concerned with the functions of particular gene sequences that act to fabricate the various proteins, the building materials from which cells are made. These particular gene sequences occupy only 2% of the genetic memory found in the chromosomes. The other 98%, the major part of the chromosomes, is not understood by genetics, and has for some odd reason been labeled as «junk» DNA. Many hypothesis have been brought forward to attempt to account for the reasons for the existence of this «junk» DNA; ranging from considering that this 98% majority of the DNA might be acting as «assistants» for the primary DNA sequences; to explaining that this 98% majority of DNA arises as a «cemetery of viruses», a rather difficult notion.

To ignore, or to so fondly understand, the role of

98% of the human genome, is an appreciable error. Moreover, whether we correctly see the true role of the genetic information represented by the known 2% of the DNA, is still in question, especially when the other 98% of the DNA is presently «terra incognita», an unknown terrain.

Presently, we understand DNA only poorly. We cannot completely cure cancer, we cannot resist AIDS, we have not defeated tuberculosis, nor can we presently prolong the lives of people beyond 200 years, with our present understandings.

In previous literature regarding these processes, previously unknown organic properties are brought into play:

What gives this new knowledge to us?

The answer is that we now know these mechanisms. We have experiences with both the physical processes and the mathematical descriptions of the informational processes, which occur in genetic structures. We have constructed laboratory equipment and mathematical apparatus that allow us to accurately model the informational functions of the living cell and all of its DNA.

Such devices represent the first quantum biocomputers.

These devices have allowed us to carry out distant multikilometer transfers of this genetic/metabolic information in the form of special electromagnetic fields; the introduction of this information into a biosystem-acceptor; and has allowed us to perform strategic management functions concerned with biosystems, biochemical systems, and actual physiological conditions:

In particular, we have found it possible to recycle endocrine glands in animals, and by the same means, to sharply damp the ageing process of human beings.

P. Gariaev (Ph.D., Dr.Sci., Acad.) Prospects of wave genetics. Extended comment // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.13006, 22.02.2006

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