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If your mind does understand you are going to ask.
Who are you?
Ask the dawn, ask the tree, ask the wave?
Ask the storm, ask love.
Ask the earth, ask the earth of pain and ask the earth of love.
Who are we?
We are the earth.

Indians of Maya

The project aims to replace the existing world model that is droven by forces of greed and fear with a new system that would be droven by forces of creativity and love. It will help the humankind to save the Mother-Earth, also to prevent the global catastrophy and destruction, and to create a world without any wars and debts.

Key objectives:

Providing every person on Earth the right of existence that means food, water, dwelling, education, medical care, safety and creative work possibilities.

Creation and sustaining a kind of terms on the Mother-Earth under which free progress of everyone would be a necessary condition of the progress of all in a single free world.

How to achieve:

I. Financial System

1. Establishing of a Unified Central Bank (UCB), all citizens of Earth being shareholders of the Bank from the moment of birth

2. Introducing one currency.

3. UCB has unlimited capital.

4. By purchasing, UCB becomes 100% owner of all financial institutions, insurance organizations, pension funds, as well as all source-extracting firms (raw materials belong to all the people on earth, being supervised by the state goverment of the territory they are situated), infrastructure companies, energy companies, nuclear power stations, space industry, telecommunications, hospitals, educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies, all private and public lands, all companies involved in gambling. Gambling will be allowed, but it will be organised only through a global gaming company owned by UCB, only in the electronic form. Notarial policy will be also carried by the UCB.

5. All debt will be eliminated, that means: state and foreign debt, debts concerning legal entities and citizens. Nobody will be able to make debt anymore, neither states nor citizens nor companies.

6. Operation of the UCB and business. In order to create this new order we propose for the future an economic environment that has no:




On the contrary, there will be:

- Free movement of people, money and goods;

- the following fees only:

        a/ 4% on deposits

        b/ 10% on every bank transaction;

        c/ 10% on inheritance.

Besides these instruments, the UCB will subsidize some key sectors of economy such as agriculture, and innovation.

In short terms the cash transactions will be replaced by none cash payments.

All above mentioned organizations, bought by the UCB, will have the status of non-profit entities.

Every country will have a monthly budget, approved by the World Government.

7. Every citizen will have one bank account, one telephone number, one bank officer, one GP, one district police officer, and one private lawyer.

II. State Organization

1. The World Government.

It will consist of 12 ministers and a president, including three vice-presidents, humaniterian, political and economic accordingly, with 7 years tenure of employment.

2. Every state is of the same structure.

3. The civil servant will have a very high status and immunity, great personal responsibility.

4. Election of state employees.

All public servants will be chosen through a competition based on the following criteria: rating on the effectiveness of previous employment, inability to skip steps in the hierarchy, health and intellectual capabilities, checking by truth detector. In the case of exactly equal performance of two candidates, a decision making computer is to make choice.

5. Every civil servant will be checked by the truth detector every three months. In case of any, even minor, abuse he/she will be deprived all financial resources and freedom and will be forced to labour for the common benefit.

6. All political parties go through self-dissolution .

III. Legal System

1. All the witnesses appear as anonymous and after the check by truth detector. In case of suspicion, the truth detector is the only lawful evidence of truth. The new constitution of the world, accepted by all the countries, will entitle every citizen and company to protect his/its rights by means of a public organization, outside the juridical system. Every judge who has made an unlawful decision will be dismissed and deprived of his financial resources after a public proceeding.

2. The lawyers will be affiliated to the public non- juridical organization.

3. The death penalty will be abolished.

IV. Army

1. There will be one army only, which will be a public army; there will be no private armed forces and no private security firms.

2. The Army main tasks:

- Combating disasters, fires, external threats to the earth such as asteroids, comets etc.

- Combating any local attempts of feudalism

- Penetration the near and outer space.

V. Police

1. The Internal Security Service will check its employees by the truth detector every three months.

2. Every citizen should know the phone of his/her district police officer.

3. Police tasks: to ensure the security of people and their property.

4. There will be an International Police Force Coordination Network.

5. Investigation and Prosecution belong the Police

VI. Education

1. Education will be common and free. Secondary education will be mandatory. Higher education will be on competitive basis.

2. Everyone is entitled to receive free distant learning education.

VII. Health

1. Health care is free.

2. Hospitals are not commercial enterprises.

VIII. Culture.

1. The cultural sphere is financed from the state budget, private activity will also be possible.

2. Cultural products that contain aggression or violence will be prohibited.

3. Free access to Internet.

4. The media such as Newspapers, Internet, Television and radio will be public, national and private. There will be strict restrictions on gutter press.

5. Telecommunications are free.

IX. Social Security.

1. The unemployed receives 70% of the minimum wage for each country. The poor gets 50%.

2. Pensions are provided by the budget in amount of 70% of the minimum wage for each country.

X. Government budget

1. Government budget is annual. It will have 3, 5 and 20 years projections.

2. It is prepared by all ministries and approved by the UCB.

XI. Inequality

1. The maximum ratio between the minimum and maximum salary will be 1:33.

XII. Science & Technology

1. Science will be 100% budget account.

XIII. Patent law.

1. The Patent Office is financed by UCB without an limitations.

2. All the approved projects are available to all companies worldwide, without any monopoly on their application.

3. Inventors receive their remuneration from the economic and environmental effects of implementing the invention.

XIV. The Markets

1.WTO will be replaced by Rightful Trade Organization. Its basic principle will be considering the specific natural conditions of the participants. The competition between the human abilities to create and develop will take place that for territories and climate.

2. All trade duties will be calculated on the ground of the basic principle.

XV. Business

1. All the economic activity exists in a form of joint-stock companies, each of which has only one bank account.

2. All legal proceedings between companies will be settled by the UCB, not by the court.

3. High and new standarts that market commodities must respond are:

        a/ Ecological

        b/ Longer warranty term

        c/ Functional reliability

XVI. Land

1. The land is handled in accordance with the scientific and environmental technologies. Do not use GMOs and chemicals. The biosphere-friendly technology will be introduced and widespread all around the Earth.

2. The land is divided into areas according to the biocoenosis which are the cells of Earth. The management will be not territorial, but according to these living cells of Earth.

3. Land may be given to labor collectives in use in perpetuity.

4. Social subjects who cultivate the land are entitled to subsidies from the UCB.

5. Economical use of resources of Earth. Maintaining the diversity of the living world and the balance of planetary ecosystems and biocoenosis will be the main task.

XVII. Energy

1. Gradually, in short terms, all nuclear power plants will be closed. Nuclear energy can be used only under the critical mass, on the basis of U238 and Th. U235 will be used only for acquiring the cosmic space.

2. All RES, as well as all new technologies for electricity generation from the ether (physical vacuum) and the cold nuclear synthesis will be encouraged.

XVII. Transition process.

1. UN Organisation will be transformed into a permanent global bicameral parliament (higher legislative body). It shall prepare and approve a new constitution of the world.

-All parliamentarians will be equal in rights and there will be one representative from each country.

- Every state will have membership i the UN lower chamber proportional to its population. The upper chamber will include one representative from each country.

-All decisions to be accepted by two thirds majority.

- The UN will start its representative organs in all the countries and new governments of each country will be elected under their control.

-There will be uniform criteria for the number of civil servants in the various ministries, with clear professional duties and performance requirements.

– It will elect the World Government, then will establish and elect the management of the UCB.


P.S. The authors appeal to the citizens of the human civilization to carry out a non-violent transition. Let leave behind the age of wars and destruction. We are going into the world of unity of all world creatures.

We are the only cells in a unique organism of the the human race which, in turn, is a part of our live planet Earth. Our enemies are our fear and ignorance.

International research team, Moscow

От Редакции АТ, New SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ORDER // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.17370, 18.03.2012

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