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Gennady Solnechnyy
The Universe and man are informational holograms. Changing reality by the power of consciousness

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This work examines the structure of the Universe and man as systems of informational holograms. From the point of view of esoteric knowledge, our Universe is the creation of God. It is supported by the Consciousness of God and the Consciousness of many Celestial Beings (the so-called Hierarchy of Light). In particular, our physical world and all objects in it are holographic images created and supported by the Minds of Celestial Beings and people. As a result, our visible world is a Maya, an illusion, a hologram. It does not exist by itself, but is created on the basis of a global informational Super-matrix. The validity of this approach is confirmed by the scientific theories of two brilliant physicists: David Bohm and Gennady Shipov (the theory of Physical Vacuum).

The universe has a multi-dimensional structure. It contains the following planes: physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, informational, ideological, etc. The physical world is a holographic image obtained by sequential convolution of information contained in informational holographic matrices of higher planes. Unlike known optical holograms, this process is described by informational holograms. These are information holographic matrices and holographic images created on their basis, both subtle and material.

Studies of psi-phenomena show that psychics can influence informational matrices (subtle planes) by the power of their consciousness. As a result, the physical objects themselves change, since the matrices that underlie them have changed. To influence a material object (or subject), the psychic must "enter into resonance" with it. This setting is achieved if the psychic enters a state of unconditional Love and creates from the Heart, not from the mind.

Changes in physical reality will be significant if we use the power of Consciousness not of one person, but of a group of people who are united in collective prayer or meditation. We conduct such planetary group work in our spiritual center "Academy of the Spirit". These are effective tools for harmonizing reality, since such practices are conducted under the guidance of an Enlightened Master Avesta, who is blessed by the Creator himself to help people and successfully collaborates with the Lords of the Fates. As a result, Representatives of the Hierarchy of Light and Heavenly Law supervise our planetary group meditations and other practices.

The human physical body is also a holographic image created by an informational holographic matrix (a system of subtle bodies). If a person wishes, he can use his consciousness to change the properties of his physical body. As a result, a person gains superpowers. His physical body can maintain its integrity and not be damaged due to extreme physical influences. This fact is the basis of such phenomena as walking on broken glass, sharp nails, hot coals (firewalking), etc. We train people to activate their superpowers at special seminars held at the "Academy of the Spirit".

Keywords: holography; holographic matrix; informational holograms; holomovement; torsion field; fields of inertia; theory of Physical Vacuum; consciousness; psi-phenomena; subtle bodies; group meditation; hundredth monkey effect; human superpowers; firewalking.


1. Introduction.

2. Principles of optical holography. Properties of holograms.

3. Informational matrices in the theory of Physical Vacuum.

4. Implicit holographic wholeness underlying explicated (manifested) reality.

5. The Universe is a system of informational holograms.

6. Man is an informational hologram. Changing reality by the power of Consciousness.

7. References.

"The Absolute, One Beginning is true;

he ever changing universe is not real;

its existence is relative,

and man, in his essence, is divine (like God)».

(Ancient Indian wisdom)


All the ancient sages, saints and the initiates of our time say the same thing: our visible physical world is an illusion, a hologram. It does not exist by itself, it is only a projection (image) created by a more grandiose subtle-material holographic matrix that potentially contains everything that exists.

Michael Talbot in his book "The Holographic Universe" writes about this: "Our universe is like a colossal hologram... Our world and everything in it – from snowflakes and maple leaves to electrons and comets – are just ghostly images-projections projected from a certain level of reality that is far beyond our ordinary world – so far that the very concepts of time and space disappear there" [1].

In spiritual traditions, this global informational Super-matrix, from which everything is born, is called «Great Emptiness», «Absolute "Nothing"», etc. From the point of view of esoteric knowledge, our Universe is the creation of God. The physical world and all material objects in it are holographic images created and maintained by the Consciousness’s of many Celestial Beings (the so-called Hierarchy of Light) and by the сconsciousness’s of people incarnated in this world.

Below we will consider in detail how modern science confirms these postulates of esotericism. But first we must consider the principles of holography and the properties of holograms. We will tell you about this using the example of optical holograms, which are well studied and widely used in our lives. The principles of holography and the properties of holograms are equally applicable to waves of any nature: electromagnetic (light), acoustic (sound), torsion (information), etc. Therefore, studying how to operate the optical hologram, we can understand how all other types of holograms work.

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Gennady Solnechnyy, The Universe and man are informational holograms. Changing reality by the power of consciousness // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.26114, 17.02.2020

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