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The gospel from metaphysics


In the very beginning was the whole, and the whole was with God, and the whole was God

It is not only and not so much as free paraphrases for the first lines of a good message from John, but the quintessence of all subsequent exposition. About an integrity it is spoken in the Bible and outright with respect, for example, to tabernacle of sacred services (Ex. 26:6, 36:13 and 36:18), and also to spirit, soul and a body of the believer (1Thes.5:23).

Centuries-old searches for the world-arrangement meaning, consisting, as a matter of fact, of its integrity, went from two ends reflecting duality of our thinking. The religious sight "from above" seizes the main thing - sense of the life while scientific one, being objective search of true, steals up there "from below". But whole, grasped "from above", should be in the end developed and explained "below"!

By a recognition of many people, achievements of a modern science more likely narrow a precipice between it and religion, than expand it. And definitively to overcome this gap, it is necessary to find a certain link which would not belong neither that, nor to the other party but, for this reason, would quite unite them. And the most important thing - it would be involved in integrity.

In such unique role the well-known golden ratio, named - owing to the wonderful properties - also "Divine" (Luke Pacioli) does act. None other than it - as the finest of ties - was also admired by Plato (imaeus). But hardly probable the today's thought has promoted further than Plato`s one - for instead of ntology it directs in a mathematics jungle, connecting the gold metrics with everything, that only is possible

However, the important heuristic break occurs already at simple extrapolation of our proportion infinitely into both sides:


In the derived unusual writing the idea of harmonious interrelation of the whole (1) and its two parts ( and 1-x) transcendsaccording to selfsimilarity on all universum levels and scales. As a result all parts of the world and intermediate wholes with which they change places, appear joined in the monolithic unity submitting to one relation. How here not to recollect "unity" of helleates and Parmenides or all in all and wisdom according to Heraclitus as knowledge of all as one

The relation is one of the central and universal categories not only of philosophy, but logic and mathematics. By the way, the functioning of our consciousness is, in essence, also reduced to it (D.Bohm). Even more, the cognition process is sometimes described by a continuous abstract proportion of a kind (*): A1/A2= A2/A3=A3/A4= (P.Florensky).

And going further, we manage something non- trivial - to "revive" the process. As is well-known, all biology is based on a feedback shown in most various hypostases that`s why it was borrowed once by cybernetics as the basis. The reflection serves in our consciousness as analogue of a feedback. And at last, in the mathematics a similar procedure is called as iterative and consists in repeated application of the fixed complete set of operations or in function superposition on itself. Consecutive steps of iteration gradually approach the necessary result.

Obviously, that which in our consciousness occurs almost involuntarily, at mathematical iteration turns to purposeful manipulation with the chosen function. But if in the capacity of the latter we take the expression simulating the process of thinking, whether then the iteration will coincide with reflection, being the ideal referentis of and quite "modelling" it? Besides, both are purely mental operations made "in the spirit"

Here again we approach one of the key items of a narration. Let`s iterate the initial proportion made on the gold recipe, but while numerically is not defined and considered from the point of view of "input" and "output". Repeatedly "imposing" proportion on itself, we will try to resolve it numerically. The received result which in advance is absolutely unpredictable, strikes us surprisingly.

It is easy to be convinced, that the iteration begun with arbitrary(!) value, quickly converges to attractor or fixed point =0,618 , and the proportion aspires, hence, to precisely "gold" - when all procedure starts from the left relation accepted for "input": .

Absolutely different and "meaningless" result turns out, if the iteration begins on the right side - it diverges and does not give any specific value.

So, literally from nothing - thanks to nonlinearity of iteration - something amazing comes to light: non-equality of two opposite directions along sequence (*). The relationship of cause and effect set by directed conditionality of some members of a proportion by others, operates in one side, defining the preceding of the whole with regard to its parts when on a scene the final reason or the purpose acts. Incidentally, thereby the Aristotelian whole before the parts proves to be true.

Otherwise, it is a question of consciousness intention or intentionality as basic concept of E.Husserl phenomenology. The last term was started in philosophy by his predecessor F.Brentano seeing in an orientation a prominent feature of all psychical feeble impulses, distinguishing them from physical processes.

But here is a curious and gentle allusion: the father of cybernetics N.Viner as well noticed with a regret, that in reversible processes of physics nothing new does arise. Purposeful and creative process is hence necessary. That is why by means of the science operating mainly with the equations, working "there-here", it is nowise possible to grope a global antientropic factor, which is able to resist a destructive pressure of the second thermodynamics law. It simply falls outside the limits of scientific competence as it has the spiritual nature of alive and reflective thought

And still, the speculations of physics, undergoing an aberration, in its turn come to a certain "substitute" of an orientation, or directedness - in the form of notorious arrow of a time, cast even over creation of pretentious causal mechanics (1958). There namely the time is provided with "vital force and - NB! - with angular momentum, which pulls together this model with the present theory of torsion and spinor fields.

We strive for one - to underline peculiar epistemological parallelism. Many physical representations of the past and present appear isomorphic to the description of the spiritual principle put forward by us. We will remind, that irrational "gold" numbers are essentially the polar radius-vectors of not less legendary transcendental logarithmic spiral. And the sensational orientation found above corresponds then with the rolling up a goldspiral whirlwind, having meaning of movement from the comprehensive whole to constituent parts.

And here cross our mind at once the persuasive philosophical vortical concepts of first principle - from vague guesses of Anaxagoras to Descartes's carefully ornamented picture. We will add here the vortical Kelvin model of an atom and the spirality idea of the electron mechanical momentum following from Ya.Zeldovich hypothesis about hiral structure of an atom (1959). Aren`t such repeating images, "plots" and stereotypes accidental?

Also the whirls in hypothetical ideal liquid found on a feather tip and a thought edge cry for the same. The graceful mathematical godsend is treated now - absolutely in accordance with Aristotle! - as a dynamical explication of a continuity as such. And giving to obscure ideal-liquid whirls legality on "gold" logspiral, we again come to continuous spiritual origin, anticipating occurrence of discrete things. And at last, it has been shown, that on the same mill pours water the arrogant theory of superstrings with its contracted higher dimensions and fanciful branes. We succeeded in convincing, that the thought course there keeps fundamental "convolution" tendency of our consciousness.

Let's sum up an intermediate result. The mentioned parallelism - in the higher degree ontologic, than cognitive - is doubtless, already declared itself in the "painful" psycho-physical problem which has delivered so much troubles and efforts for philosophy and psychology. This obstacle, alas, is not solved and today. But in the present context the listed rational concepts appear to be a display of a certain base archetype. K.G.Jung compared a similar primary image to the dried up channel of the river, which defines the direction of a mental stream Doesn`t also the spirit operate as well at leisure and gradually, trying to draw attention to itself and to receive, at last, all citizenship rights in the opinion of scientific establishment? Really, as far as we agree with the above mentioned arguments, everything becomes clear.

Henceforth the life-giving and purposefully operating thought-like spirit, bringing in the world "gold" integrity and supporting it purposely, becomes a reality - and not smaller, than tables and chairs. So the well-known principle of Oken-Redi and Pasteur live from live has effectively worked the postulate which is for the present by nobody compromised and accepted by many from a science, including V.Vernadskii. And according to P.Curie, the consequence always bears on itself a print of reason symmetry five-fold one - we will tell now and thereby definitively explain the everywhere extended gold design of nature.

What is more detailed mutual relation of spirit and matter?

Let's begin with genesis of its first and elementary formations which nowadays really arise from nothing. The energy of the spirit named in theology uncreated, is simply transformed to mass under Einstein's well-known formula. Morphologicaly it looks as locking of "pure" motion in the spiral centre. So, on the one hand, the spontaneous microobject stands suddenly out against a background of sheer continuity, and on the other, - the matter really may be considered as nothing (me on) - in full accordance with Plato and Plotinus. The situation reminds laminar flowing river with arising here, there and everywhere whirlpools. And presence of the angular momentum at all primary particles - represented now as "spinning tops"- finds a natural explanation

In described "scenario" the corpuscular-wave dualism - in the form of a combination of the lumped spiral central part and its extensive "tail" - is also easily guessed. One is inseparable from another, and here an idea suggests itself to go further, supposing any creation to be a thoughtform, integrally connected with the Origin of all real things. It turns out, the adherents of panentheism (St.Augustine, Johannes Scotus Eriugena and K.Krause) were close to the truth, asserting, that the world reposes upon God, manifesting it "outside" at his will. Spinosa's idea about essence of the God causing coincidence of thinking and being, receiving only in such a way completeness and a basis of the existence, is also justified. And our saving unity with Divine integrity (K.Krauze) reveals now with new force - for incontestable prevalence evidences of "gold" in structures and functions of our organism are now presented (A.G.Subbota. Gold section in medicine. 1996 and V.D.Tsvetkov. Heart, gold section and symmetry.1997 both in Russian).

The reflection of the same precious metal is glanced through in hyperbolic regularities amazing imagination because of the universal diffusion and characterising the most various dynamic systems. Among them are so-called wide social distributions a sort of Pareto law in economy and demography, Lotky - in sciencemetry, Zipf - in linguistics etc., and natural distributions, for example, - of inhabitants in the World ocean, and at last, "flicker-noise" about which fluctuations following 1/f - Fourier frequency spectrum, it is obviously easier to tell where they are not noticed than try to list all their displays

What does unite so boundless variety? Proceeding from one - hyperbolic - dependence form it is reasonable to admit here the general organization as such. In scientific circles once also some people have started talking about common fractality of the given distributions and in shy words - even about integrity. We managed to promote hardly further - having found out even a vortical stuffing in flicker, expressed by inverse root dependence - unique function, invariant to fourier-transformation.

Omitting details, the main resume can be formulated as follows: all mentioned universals represent none other than a visible explication of the hidden spirit of integrity. It orders any sets of homogeneous objects of different calibres by a principle the more, the less. For example, more powerful on sense, long keywords meet in the text less often, than insignificant both short interjections and prepositions - in full analogy to whales and plankton at ocean. Thus the same inverse correlation as between volume and contents of concept is realized and, consequently, the order of ideas has once again coincided with the order of things

And still Plato, using musical terms consonance and harmony for the moral characteristic of the person, united him through them with world order (cosmos). Beholding in a root, he has involuntarily thrown light on discussed universals. In the fair State, according to Plato, everyone is devoted to his business and carries out that is characteristic of him by nature. Here then triumphs the Paretian apportionment of incomes at the population, and articles with books - among toilers of a science - by Lotky!

One small thing needs to be done - it is enough only that the creative impulse prevail over mercenary, and the person aspire to create more likely something new and useful, than hasten to fill his pockets

However at last days, alas, people will be lovers of money and more lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God (2im.3:2,4). It is fixed objectively as distortions of ours universals, in particular, in the form of "humps" on Pareto law. We have found out as well deformation of flicker spectrum at record reproduction of some modern popular groups. Their "specific" influence on listeners approximated to chaotic "white noise, shattering our health.

So, at a sight from above the deep sense of the law 1/x, accompanying always to self-sacrificing creativity - both individual, and collective - is realized. It is curious, that our law is fixed also in painting on an example of a known picture "Roses" by Paul Cezanne - where colour saturation depending on spatial frequency at entire canvas and with Japanese carefulness was investigated (Oyo butsuri.1992). All melodious music of different epoch and people - instrumental and vocal one in which intonation of human speech affects - comply with the wonderful flicker . And even coherent speech per se, for instance, of the announcer shows the same harmony

Whether it is impossible then to assimilate the nature to universal radio on which the God constantly speaks with us, and it is only necessary to be adjusted skilfully on His wave? Really, one sees in that as integrity-setting spirit animates creative thought, impelling it to production of the beautiful, the direct analogy with radio-electronics. Its "latent" carrier frequency excites resonance circuits in our receivers thanks to which and by means of demodulation the audio- and video-information proves to be perceived by us. It turns out, in both cases a certain dynamical carrier of an idea operates, moreover the spirit of whole leaves further the "gold track" on creation in the form of universal "quality symbol". The latter serves as xiological and art criterion of creature, testifying whether the spirit has visited the artist head, having induced to make the imperishable contribution to culture, or it at all has not concerned it by assembling of a different sort of passing and far-fetched "installations".

But if the genius of art in his small destiny and in humble understanding, being under the protection of in-spirit-ation, creates fine works in gold, then going as though by reverse similarity, we should recognize with inevitability, that all the nature is created too by the gracious and merciful Founder as has the same global "fractal-gold" organization - from geo- and astro-physical scales to a genetic code of DNA. By the spirit and providence He supports and keeps transcendental integrity of life. Therefore arises - in addition to known physical laws of conservation - to enter one more and the most important one - the law of integrity conservation. And from here the deep and metaphysical sense of Bible eschatology is immediately realized.

In monistic picture of the world with undividedly dominating spirit many eternal problems fall. We managed to give not only positive answer to a question was Newton right concerning the non-material nature of gravitation?, but to prove reverse square-law dependence of gravitation on distance and to understand inertia metaphysics. And what else it is possible to draw a conclusion from the fact, that universal gravitation is shielded by nothing and covers all the matter - as well as spirit!?

At last, the ancient psycho-physical "splinter" is easily taken out also. All our intimate inner world, mental and feeling, is revived by all-penetrating spirit, and not developed at all by "grey substance of brain. In other words, the fractal network of the latter only interns in itself the "messenger" of complete Consciousness, associating us - to the extent of our spirituality with like-mindedness. With just said the golden number 1,618 fallen from the sky in one paper excellently correlates. It jumped out suddenly in absolutely independent researches concerning "crossing" of Weber- Fechner and Stevens laws (Nature.1990 in Russian).

Summarizing, we ascertain with confidence, that the new era of thought opens which recognizes presence in the world of majestic and similar to thought Spirit - the bearer of the life, everywhere dominating and governing all and everything. The "gold" metaphysics has presented of that impressing proofs, effectively supplementing and definitively clearing up "sounded" till now only by words. And to think now otherwise - that self-organization all manages forbid the elementary logic and common sense.

The new metaknowledge - in the capacity of "the spiritual physics, adequately expressing the Divine reality - up to secret creation from nothing - and translating the God`s word on language of modern culture - is born. It suddenly occurred to us, that the science resists to religion neither more than our left hand to the right one. It is enough to restore only primordial cooperation of two "left-right" hemispheres of our brain reflecting the same reality from the different sides. In harmony they provide a uniform sight, and two sources - Book of Nature and Holy Scriptures - unite in the single and tremendous Monography, being entitled Complete World-perception

So great unification - but not there where it was expected - has been accomplished. The "consensus" for a long time desired in a science is impracticable. As follows from epoch-making theorems of mathematical logic Gödel-Tarski-Paris-Herrington, it is essentially impossible to connect deductively and separately constructed fragments problem with which even N.Bohr and A.Einstein have faced in their long discussions. The original unity is not under construction, but is opened by Spirit of integrity which brings into accord our reflecting ability with the reflected reality: both are based on the legendary and ubiquitous "gold" relation.

As a result our cognition reaches the completeness and apogee - as comprehension of unity with the whole world and - the main thing as entry in it. Plato's deep thought considering love by thirst of integrity and aspiration to it finally reveals. But the true love is of dialogue form and always goes from one person to another. Here and we, going by "reverse motion" upwards and abstracting from own "I", inevitably come to the higher and transcendental integrity - the spiritual and good Person who are above the world. Ours microcosm (and microtheos!) reflects this Divine integrity, entering in it as inseparable part under the sign of new anthropology. The world is seen now connected not by the mathematical equations, yet by all-consuming love. It is wonderfully balanced at level of this non-transient feeling which and Descartes - though put down sometimes to sphere of passions - understood nevertheless as an integrity embodiment. At last, the ontology of love and its metaphysics are revealed - through idea of ideal mutual complementation of two parts, being in the very essence of "gold section!

We need only to suppress our arrogance concerning monopoly for own thinking and to admit a reality and much more grandiose power of the objective thought defining destinies of the world.

Christianity and Roman empire comparison is instructive in this respect. In the first century hardly probable there was a question to whom the long life is predetermined. And scarcely then someone has put at least a penny on the ill-assorted company everywhere sowing a message that the certain crucified carpenter from a remote place has risen from a coffin, having trampled upon death! However, twenty centuries pass and, strangely enough, we name our children Peters and Pauls, while dogs - Caesars and Neros!

Remarkably, that consecrating strength of Spirit, teaching us to some ineffiable and larger comprehension, than it is possible to express by words (rigenes), opens our eyes on an essence of observable expansion of the Universe and even on such purely speculative hypothesis as Big bang. Conventional Hubble's law fixing proportional dependence of removal speed of extragalactic objects upon distance to them , is perfectly in agreement with the same property of a divergent logarithmic spiral (!). And in the scenario of notorious "explosion" all becomes on the places if we imagine, that in singular point the world integrity has been mentally collected, which was then developed subsequently and expanded in space-time. As we remember, in the similar manner - from figures to points - our consciousness also functions. Then obvious vulnerability and logic raggedness of physical thought concerning the origin of so huge weight in a certain point, and in general, the all this escapade sense are at once canceled.

So, right in the physics we find an impressive hint on two basic movements rolling up and expanding, mentioned in the theological plan still by Nicolaus Cusanus. These fundamental ideal motions are responsible accordingly for (1) creatio ex nihilo of material things and (2)ordering them in wonderful harmony whole, crowning sense of the world.

The Spirit operates here and now, endowing all hearing for it by plentiful blessings, which - to undisguised pleasure of the author - have fallen to his lot The fertile Spirit "fruits" and "gifts" (Gal.5:22 and 1Cor.12:4-11) are accessible to all sincere and correctly located hearts. However, we remember also the strict prevention that every sort of sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven (Mt.12:31). And indeed, there were cases of unexpected and complete disappearance of some opponents-materialists, not only aspiring to disavow Spirit, but even simply sneering or speaking ironically on its occasion. Really, whether now recklessly to reject the source of the life as such which has become, apparently, "visible" and for quite secular mind?

And still, it is necessary to recognize difficulties of so thin reality description: it will always be incomplete and give only more or less approximate representation - especially by consideration "from the outside". Therefore also the author overwhelmed with doubts in this respect, hopes, that stated above to some extent will induce reader of these lines on own and for certain deeper reflections.

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