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Sergei S. Robaten
Positive outlook of ancestors, as a reference point for an output from spiritual deadlock of materialism
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1. Why the positive ideology is necessary.

The numerous political and public discussions related to events on Caucasus in August, 2008 with all clearness have shown sharp necessity of a substantiation of correctness of our political rate not only arguments of force, clear to all opponents without exception, but also more thin tools from an arsenal of scientific, philosophical and spiritual concepts.

In the present work it is laid an emphasis on the spiritual party of mutual relations of representatives of Russia with other subjects of international law.

The spiritual conflict between the orthodox people which have entered armed conflict in South Ossetia clearly shows feebleness of the up-to-date theoretical Orthodoxy unable at a level of representations about spiritual unity of orthodox people to prevent both last, and the future conflicts which are beyond territory of Russia.

Such feebleness of orthodox ideologists on international scene can be explained by interior spiritual features of its historical development.

In particular, in the orthodox literature [1] the idea about secondariness of Russian Orthodoxy in relation to another, Abraamic global religions, is propagandized by every possible way. The basic religious representations loans from other, more ancient people. Orthodox seminary students affirm and admit this idea. For some reason it is considered, that Near-Eastern goat shepherds could create self-mind system of ethical and religious views for the descendants, but the Russian people has no such ancestors, and we should borrow letters, words, and ideas since times of a christening of Russia and on present time at foreign inventors.

Orthodox seminary studies quite in unison are echoed by scientists. For example, academician Oleg Trubachev has translated the dictionary of German philologist Fasmer [2]. This, on a spiritual essence the foreign dictionary created by the German in bad for this nation 1945 in Berlin, is the most accessible now a radiant of etymological knowledge for the Russian reader. What quality this knowledge, it is possible to judge by following examples.

Sacred for Pushkin the word "Moscow", according to Fasmer, and to his translator, means something like a pool, the crude grains, the squeezed out juice or the cow.

Siberia is a crude thricket.

Russia - from a foreign tribe (in the north), as a variant, from tiny in gauges of distribution of Russian consciousness of rivulet Ros, proceeding somewhere in the south.

For an explanation of Russian words any languages of the world, down to Suomen, may be used. Only independence in business of making of the natural language, for our Russian ancestors is forbidden by the modern philological science.

Thus, the up-to-date orthodox divinity and also a domestic philological science on behalf of profile academicians are ready to recognize the dependence, secondariness of Russian and Orthodoxy.

When it is necessary to principals of our country to deal with pagans, the idea on lack of due respect for Russia quite often sounds in their statements

If respect never was, in this case the desire to find them is absolutely lawful.

However the history of Russia gives enough bases for pride of our ancestors. Hence, it is a question of restitution, revival already once reached. To return such respect in requirements when all Western world waits from Russia of displays of a brute force, and accordingly, tries to oppose all standards{measures} a brute force, it is possible only through revival of spiritual riches of our orthodox ancestors. Only spiritual force is capable to transmute enemies into friends through the moral, spiritual superiority, attractive to each rude fellow.

At the first stage of formation of the self-sufficient ideological concept of spiritual preparation of the Russian principals for discussion with aliens is necessary to search enough authoritative arguments, which could confirm the rights orthodox on the, not borrowed opinion on any question of the international level, carelessly on opinion of abroad, as measure of true for the principal of orthodox people.

It is necessary to consider the second stage as making of the consistent concept of an inner world of citizens of Russia with different social status and spiritual development.

The system of views, simultaneously basing on the best spiritual achievements of Russian people from sphere religious, especially significant for population of not capital regions, and on objective data of the modern physical sciences, significant for the people formed technically, but spiritually uneducated can, satisfy to this requirement.

2. The Problem of an inaccuracy of the up-to-date outlooks, based on a heliocentric pattern of the world.

In the most laconic shape the up-to-date universal spiritual world outlook problem managed to be presented by authors of astronomical site Astronet.

On the image, taken from enough authoritative scientific radiant, our material world in the form of our natural Galaxy such what, in opinion of the modern astrophysicists, our Galaxy will be seen by the observer is presented.

To the reader is clear, that inhabitants of a planet the Earth in the near future haven’t such opportunity. Thus, before us the up-to-date scientific model of the world in which the place of our Sun is central and, accordingly, the third planet of this yellow dwarf, i.e. the Earth is in center of Cosmos too.

Fig.1. The image of the Galaxy the Milky Way [3].

All over the World schoolboys learns it many years. For this right to place the Sun in center of a frame of reference of world coordinates Dzhordano Bruno paid of own life, Galilee and Kopernik have suffered. Names of these scientists are known for each schoolboy, but why they were punished so severely?

School explanations are those. All people and even rather scientific, wrongly thought, that the Earth is centre of the world (geocentric outlook), and these scientists disagreed with everything, and declared centre of the world the Sun (heliocentric outlook).

Unfortunately, in the given figure 1 even it is impossible to figure all negligibility of this odds, on the usual screen of the up-to-date computer and the Earth and the Sun are mapped by the unique pixel in gauge of the given figure, and it still too, they and inside of pixel will be indiscernible for an eye even if pixel to imagine in size with a tennis table.

Really the geniuses costing at sources of the up-to-date physical science, fought and suffered for such littleness, which even to show on our picture is impossible?

It is easy to note, that viewed figure of Galaxy really possesses property of the central symmetry, and really centre of this symmetry is the luminary, but not the Sun. This luminary nowadays is invisible for a naked eye of the Earth observer, but astronomical instruments does probably to observe the centre of Galaxy, as the most powerful radiant of X-rays in a sky.

Thus, (in fig. 1 above) physical centre of our galactic world in which is necessary to place the beginning of universal system of curvilinear coordinates, is not the Sun.

Perhaps, it was approved by Bruno, Kopernik and Galilee?

Perhaps, torturers of Galilee and executioners Bruno didn't wish to understand it?

Perhaps, in the base of the all-European scientific outlook erroneous geocentric concepts of these, nowadays unknown, winners of the mentioned ingenious scientists, only slightly disguised by progressive terms of heliocentric system still lays?

Bruno and Kopernik, people sincerely religious, were not engaged in trifles, and in centre of the world frames of reference placed that luminary, which will be placed today by each schoolboy who has made out the modern figure, given above, more attentively?

3. National and religious legends speak about what?

The rhetorical questions put above, yet have no answer. But there is data of the historical information, maintained by orthodox people of Russia, that the sun was shaggy , it was figured in the form of a cross-swastika, it termed Kolo , Syria, Ra, it disappeared, escaped, was broken, became blind.

Parallelly these national legends meanwhile interesting only to children and narrow experts, there are religious orthodox representations that God was Light, termed as Light, the Sun, the Star, Fire (Dionysius Areopagitus).

Thus especially stipulates, that this other Sun not that we see today. (Iystinus the philosopher). [4, p.68]. The name Theo (the God,) St. Gregory [4, p.83] based on verbs "to run" and "burn down". Once this lighting God "has died", but not absolutely, he will return, and people will be lucky for the patient expectation.

Naturally the up-to-date religious concepts of Orthodoxy about once died the god Light, national legends about left Kolobok (Kolobok = Kolo + God. Its appearance was maintained for us in the form of bread, fig.4), and the up-to-date scientific representations about structure and the device of the material world, presented on fig.1, gets logic connections, if to admit, that some time Centre of the Galaxy was visually observed by mankind, and our ancestors considered this shaggy luminary for centre, for the primary source, for Theo, the Creator of our material world.

Our ancestor’s worships for Galactic center under names Kolo, Syria, Ra. This luminary was perceived by our ancestors as the essence of a feminine gender, Mother. In view of her world role of the mother of all and all - the Mother of God.

Mutual relations of ancestors of Slavs with the Creator in the form of the cruciform blinding luminary, which are being and today in a sky, but invisible, is possible to look on the following facts.

The Cyrillic alphabet, that to which orthodox sacred books are written, is made according to features of structure of centre of a galaxy [5].

National Russian embroideries and also pottery as the most spread device of an ornament contains manifold cross-swastikas [6].

Primary Christians of Kiev and Great Novgorod worshipped to Sophia.

This face is the celestial patron of orthodox Christians of an epoch of a christening of Russia, but in the up-to-date orthodox representation sacred Sofia is unfortunate mother of three little girls by name Belief, Hope, Love, which Roman executioners of the monster -emperor had tortured in II century [7].

Would become real Novgorod's people, grasped under the check almost all Siberia, and also Kiev's people, winners of Byzantium, to worship to the unfortunate helpless Italian aunt and to search at her for supports, it is necessary to think.

Made observation cannot apply yet for exhaustive knowledge of true, but can quite appear on the correct trajectory to knowledge.

As not in force the God, and in the truth, we shall look, what practical advantages are brought in actual discussion with acceptance of a following postulate.

Face of Theo, the Creator, who is known to each from the religious literature, is grounded on invisible physical object - a heavenly body of the cruciform structure, being in centre of our Galaxy.

Thus the further disappearance of this luminary from a field of vision of ground observers has been realized by the mankind, as a doomsday, as destruction of the god, his leaving. But the official orthodox point of view and a physical view are the same.

The god (in the form of a luminary at centre of the Galaxy) was not lost finally, is nowadays alive, and sometime will be again visible to earthmen. It also will be the Second coming of Christ. A practical deduction from here follows.

First, the original universal doomsday already was, and it is not necessary to wait it.

It is necessary to wait only its following beginning, i.e. occurrence in a sky of a cruciform luminary in the visual size more than 10 angle degrees that should installs optimism in the souls, exhausted by disturbing expectation.

Secondly, the name the Christ appears not foreign, but quite Russian, from a cross which was visible on a surface of a luminary.

Thirdly, Mother of God, the central object of worship of the Russian orthodox person, gets the place of Creator of all Galaxy, unlike of the Palestinian representations, that the Mother of God gave birth to the Russian God in a shed; ran for salvages from terrible nomad kings, and other desert's romantic stories.

Fourthly, any original cause for Slavs in loan something spiritual, ideas, a lexicon, out of inhabitants of hot Palestine, mountain's shepherds of Greece, or even nomads of Kola Peninsula disappears. Being in personal contact with the Creator, each Slav (it is equal, as well as other inhabitants of a planet) had the complete opportunity spiritually to develop, find religious and ethical representations through well-known spiritual experts.

Fifthly. Once stated occasion of incorrectness of the European scientific outlook will not make new religion. But all the matter is that doubt not one; it carries system, common character.

4. Where is necessary to place centre of world outlook system?

As shown above by scientific authors, fig.1, the modern scientific system of outlook is formally grounded on heliocentric frame, that in the accepted image is indistinguishable from a geocentric conception. In other words, the scientific view on our space house, the Galaxy, makes obvious an inaccuracy of heliocentric system of outlook with centre in the Sun.

Beholding all the same figure of the Galaxy given above, it is possible to come to rather generalized deduction. Any world outlook system, which puts any phenomenon of a material world of our Galaxy in centre, is untrue in general, not being in its geometrical centre, i.e. in central luminary Kolo.

Systems of outlook of the lowest under the relation even to geocentric the order, at which centre ground objects, people, cities, and even the whole countries are obviously untrue all.

Popular reasoning about the unipolar world on a planet the Earth is especially ridiculous. The single object, as it is already shown above, which has the right in our Galaxy to be called as a pole, as centre of a universe, is rather far from our planet.

Any ground claims for a rank of a pole of the world from any human generality organized in as much as strong today state has no the slightest spiritual warrants.

The advantage of such states to the world is a priori small compared with advantage of the Sun. The Sun in a universe does not apply for the central role, prays and victims of human does not demand, honestly being centre for the planetary family without which we would not live long.

5. Real democracies of the past were based on sincere Orthodoxy.

Made observation above quite can seem abstract, far from a practical standing of Earth business. However for our ancestors, for example, citizens of Novgorod, as is known, lived in a democratic society with general election and regularly replaced administration, they did not seem abstract.

For example, in the contract of Novgorod with Norway from 1326 guarantors of observance of treaty the God and king of Norway were specified. Thus, from Novgorod the guarantor was Trusty. Chief of Novgorod was elected by citizens, but authority gained immediately from Sacred Sofia. This episode is presented on the Novgorod coins of 15 centuries [8].

Sincere religiousness of real democratic societies of the past with what Novgorod and the Greek Athens admit should be considered always at discussion of democratic values.

Citizens of Athens worshipped to Atina (Ata - the Celestial father, and Atina, it is necessary to understand, the celestial parent of a feminine gender, the Mother of god) thoroughly and sincerely. The known philosopher Anaxagoras sat in prison because he did propagations of atheism. He was salvaged from the death because he presented to court the scientific treatise about a quadrature of the circle. From here follows two important deductions.

The first consists that the problem of a quadrature of a circle is not cleanly mathematical initially, and occurs from theological reflections about interrelation Sacred Trinity and the Mother of God. This problem was reasonably interesting to citizens of a democratic society of Athens. By the way, the modern lawyers carrying on a head a peak-cap with square top carry themselves through use of a symbolical headdress to this Quadruple of Gods, as to the celestial patron and a radiant of the right. It is available continuity of spirituality even at a symbolical level which even realizes far not all.

The second deduction consists in indirect confirmation of that circumstance, that religious people of Athens treated the democracy the same as citizens of Novgorod, personal fidelity of each citizen to the celestial patron put in a basis of public well-being, and selects and other democratic institutes admitted not end in itself, and the tool for revealing divine will of celestial Mother [9]. The society of the Byzantine Empire (Archbishop Joseph Raya was exact also sincerely religious: «Byzantine culture and Orthodoxy are one and the same. ") has given to us the state symbols, and to all Europe - aristocracy [10].

Apparently (fig.2), on a breast of a symbolical bird a yellow circle with a swastika. Probably, it symbolizes a luminary with cruciform structure which is in centre of our Galaxy. It is useless to compare this figure to the aforesaid fig.1, in effect, too symbolical. But it is reasonably useful to compare it with fig.3 on which the photo of the real galaxy obviously having cruciform structure is given. Such structure of centre of a natural Galaxy could be apprehended by the ground observer as wings, paws, heads of a divine Essence flying on a sky, and it is transmitted to descendants in the form of a figure - a unearthly, two-headed regal bird.

This image of a divine bird in Veles book is termed by Mother Sva. Predecessors of Romans and germen - Savanes worshipped to this face of World Mother, as all ancient people of the Europe.

It means that up-to-date, favorite of Europeans and Americans gamble on a theme of democracy which they impose to all world, have no spiritual connection with real ancient democracies, as the device of sincerely religious communities. The up-to-date treatment of the term "democracy" understands a root "demo", as "people", people.

However it not high-grade treatment as people in real democratic societies of Novgorod or Athens recognized above itself the celestial defender of a feminine gender, Lady.

Thus, the people lived under protection of the celestial defender through acceptance of one name of the Creator of a feminine gender - Dame, i.e. the Mother of god.

Finally, democracy is a way of life of a society which verifies the activities with will of the celestial patron and the defender, and democratic selects of Novgorod's Chief were not simply action by estimation of voices, and served as an definition of will of God, the same as judiciary practice of finding-out of correctness through trial by water, fire, or a duel.

The up-to-date materialistic, egocentric outlook shown on fig. 1 in the form of geocentric conception should be exchanged with orthodox outlook of an antiquity according to which in centre of readout of any ground measuring should to be itself Mother Sva, as shown in fig. 5.


Fig.5. A frame of reference in which any phenomenon of the material and spiritual worlds is estimated in view of the central role of a luminary of the Galaxy.

The up-to-date spiritually emasculated treatment of concept of democracy restricted by momentary economic interests the western ideologists cannot form the basis for build-up of the long-lived good-neighborhood between the states, as spiritually defective, not considering sincere religiousness of real democratic societies of the past.

This circumstance was especially brightly showed in events in South Ossetia. Pugnacious Caucasian "democrat" gained comprehensive support of the Europe and especially the USA. Russia is suspected of everything, except for obvious orthodox aspiration to validity and protection feeble, and Unfortunate Mountain people the equal invoice of anybody in the Europe do not interest, profits on them is little.

There is a substitution of concepts, to us sell not ancient wisdom and skill peacefully to live in diverse universal collective with caution on the celestial patron, but the up-to-date atheistic hand-made article, grounded on economic reasons of benefit.

It is necessary to pay attention, that classical real democracies of Novgorod and Athens are localized nowadays in orthodox regions. It cannot be accidently that Orthodoxy has maintained tracks of ancient reverence of the Creator as a heavenly body, valid, sympathetic to the prays, not having a human nationality or bias.

Thus, the orthodox knowledge of a general human brotherhood owing to a physical origin from the uniform Creator for all ground world is the closest to an actual state of affairs in a material world of the Galaxy, and this sensation, unfortunately, cannot be borrowed at bible Judaic as it is impossible to borrow what is not present.

It is easy to see, that replacement of egocentric attitude on fig.1 on Kolocentric attitude on fig.5 leads naturally enough to the account of curvature of real galactic space, and this curvature has the shape of a logarithmic spiral of gold section. According to the up-to-date views of Professor Aleksey Stakhov [12], the account of proportions of gold section in the modern attitude will help us to import harmony to human activity and relations with world around.

6. Practical measures.

Practical step to restitution of the broken off connection of times, to perception of spirituality of our ancestors beheld the Creator (Mother of God) in the form of a dazzling cruciform heavenly body, and after its disappearance from a field of vision of the observers who have devoted to its searches, till now, the design of restitution Tsar-bell can be proceeding.

Nowadays body of Tsar-bell serves only for a fun of tourists. Besides the mute bell is much more negative symbol, rather than it is represented at the superficial sight.

In middle Ages there were executions of bells, they were done mute. It is not necessary to think, that illiterate fanatics settled executions of bells. Quite probably, that we of much do not understand it, holding in the Kremlin a mute bell for an entertainment of tourists.

Revival Tsar-bell will serve as an easily understood symbol of revival of real Russian orthodox outlook of heroic epoch which based on the face of celestial Parent, the Mother of god, but not on the Greek teachers subordinated Islam in Constantinople, and not on the Palestinian philosophers, owners of goat herds.

The Peal once expelled plague craze. Quite probably, that a thunder revived Tsar-bell will expel that weakness which was given to us by foreign teachers during last centuries.

Perhaps the Slavic outlook return to the space gauges from our souls, allowing to perceive the Creator the sense organs, instead of present when a wriggling actor, the false reformer, the illiterate foreign teacher is temporary national idol

It is expedient to discuss value of the above-stated pictorial model of the world, as one of ways of education of spirituality among high educated people.

Such ways are nowadays known, as proofs of existence of the God. Philosopher Kant once subjected these proofs to the destroying criticism. It is expedient to estimate its operation as necessary, but not terminating step of spiritual development of the person, and to make following step.

For this purpose pictorial model of the material world presented in figure 1 above, it is possible to accept as the up-to-date scientific proof of existence in the Galaxy of the oozed centre, whence all material creation occurs.

Such proof of existence of the Creator can be termed "scaly".

Comprehension of idea of extraterrestrial space centre of a universe it is necessary to rise above any centers of spiritual searches having earth localization.


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Sergei S. Robaten, Positive outlook of ancestors, as a reference point for an output from spiritual deadlock of materialism // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.15567, 29.09.2009

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