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Sergei S. Robaten
Names of cities of Eurasia, as beacons of history of Slavs

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1. Raskolnik and Strigolnik. What is the common?

Strictly speaking, the followers of Nikon's reform, who finally has won, are dissenters as reformers were the reason of split of Orthodoxy on some conflicting doctrines. Before Nikon's reform all orthodox was made by church services how those it made, whom we know under an abusive name of dissenters subsequently. Quite probably, that the abusive sense at this name has appeared in due course, in process of strengthening followers Nikon’s reform in the state structures. We shall look for the reason of occurrence of such name, a conformable name Strigolnik, the heretical doctrine widespread in XIV-XV centuries among all of the same northerners of Novgorod and Pskov which adhered to split later.

It is easy to notice the general root “Kol-Gol” in these names of the religious currents, conflicted with administrative reforms of the central authority.

We already repeatedly marked, that the root «Kol» most possibly concerns to the most ancient Slavic name of heavenly body Kolo. Then Strigolnik it is possible to see in a name of admirers Star (Aster) Kolo, and dissenters are admirers Rasa Kolo. More often the name of Rasa is read on the contrary and then we learn in this name Sara Kolo, star Kolo which has personal name Sara. Strangely enough, the name has kept in centuries the main essence of creed orthodox till an epoch of Nicon and the subsequent centuries-old reforms, called to eradicate memory of people of the deity, heavenly body Kolo.

Nikonian have brought fluctuations in books and church service, not all of them have accepted. For belief not consent Nikonian later half a century was necessary to forge the ancient document known as « Cathedral act ».

Let's look, as reforms of Nikon in their most beginning, when Nikon, the Moscow patriarch, « the friend » of tsar, was in zenith of glory and power were perceived.

Ilia, Archimandrite of Solovetski monastery in 1657 spoke all brotherhood from different cities with tears: « See, brothers, last time: have risen new teachers, those get away us from belief orthodox and the fatherlike legend , and order to serve us under new rules. Pray brotherhood that the god shells us to die in orthodox belief, as well as our fathers! ». Here all have cried great voices: « Latin service and a heretical grade not to accept to us! »[1].

It is interesting, that Ilia speaks about Latin service, but historian Solovev wrote about the Greek theorists appear in the description of events Nikon's reform. However a worship neither for the West nor for the east at orthodox experts and then was not.

Lavrentius Zizanius Tustanovski, which has brought to Moscow the book "Announcement" for correction, public conversation has been appointed. Patriarch Philaret ordered to talk with him to hegumen Ilya and Grishka from book inquiries (publishing facilities) and to speak « love custom and with humility of customs ».

Conversation to tell more precisely, scientific debate, occurred on a state court yard at presence of boyar of prince Ivan Cherkasski and clerk Feodor Lihachev. Between all other, the extremely interesting, Grishka has told to the foreign expert the following.

Many books of the Greek language are at us from old translations and which printed books of the Greek language we accept them now to us leave and we love, if they will converge with old translations and if in them is any novelty we do not accept them though they and the Greek language printed, because Greeks now live in great narrowness’s, in the incorrect countries, and to print it on the custom it is impossible.

Zizanius: « And we do not accept new translations… forgive me, for God's sake; I for that here also have arrived, that to me from you here the best science to accept » [2].

Reform of Orthodoxy have begun long before Nikon, practically there was all XVII century, executors varied in due course, the status of the reformer up to the heretic quite often varied. It is especially important to establish, what was the strategic purpose of Nikon's reforms, implicit for contemporaries in view of its scale on territory and historical consequences for orthodox Russia.

The essence of reform was established, still by archimandrite Ilia, disgust from the fatherlike norms of religion is conceived and performed. It was in exchange offered to use foreign wisdom. Well it or was bad, we shall not solve now.

Let's note the following. During realization of reform of Orthodoxy it was required to lie, to make false «Cathedral act » at the highest state level, and it is not necessary to think, that the sufficient reason for it the belief could be, what quantity of fingers it is necessary to impose a sign of the cross and whether is correct to double of alleluia. So circumstances we refuse references on kept, however few, historical certificates and we pass to the analysis of a modern map.

As the precondition this is served with following reasons. As we know, slogans on a course of reforms often vary, even on opposite, witness’s lies as eyewitnesses, and it is sincere, books burn, as gunpowder, corrections of books lead to their disappearance.

2. Names of cities - original witnesses of history.

What it is possible to consider original of an epoch interesting us before Nikon Orthodoxy? These are names of people and cities. Far not all today realize simple true, our names serve us as protection, these are names of angels which were once given to the newborn by the priest at a christening.

Precisely same logic underlies toponyms, people named the settlements not simply, but on names of heavenly patrons. There are names obvious, indisputable, as capital of Denmark Christiania (nowadays Copenhagen), capital of Bulgaria Sofia (Sacred Sofia), capital of Ecuador Quito (Sacred Quito, Ekaterina). There are examples hardly less obvious: Bagdad (the God the grandfather), Baku (Bok = God), Bogota (the God the ата-father), Bukhara (the Bok Ra).

3. SAR-cities are the namesakes of famous Slavic sacred men.

Among toponyms, based on a name of the heavenly defender, there are special group names, which the author has named SAR-cities. The matter is that three the most well-known in Russia sacred men and the most famous Serbian sacred man carried this name and distances of those district where lived.

They were Sergei of Radonez, Nile Sorski, Seraphim Sarovski and Savva Serbski. Three of them lived in epoch of religious ideas of Old Believers-dissenters. Hence, their names maintain data on these spiritual sacred priorities.

By the way, a scrap of their own documents it was not kept. Here such concurrence.

Let's begin, however, with Seraphim Sarovski [3]. He lived in the beginning of XIX century. About this person the following is known. He was visited with thousand people daily, his spiritual authority is exclusive. Thus he preached worship an image of the Mother of god, though she does not enter at all into an orthodox Trinity. The name sacred cannot maintain anything opposite to an image of the Mother of god. That's, Sara is one of her names, and it is natural, the person who has devoted to service of the Mother of god, has taken up her name.

Reverence of these sacred during lifetime means that their contemporaries adhered to similar religious ideas. Hence, having noted on a map of city in which name there is syllable Sar, we approximately shall outline an area of distribution of religious coreligionists of Sergey, Nile and Savva. We shall consider opportunities of renaming and disappearance of cities in due course.

At the first stage we shall write out from the telephone directory all SAR-cities.

Saragossa 8-10-34-976 Spain

Sarajevo 8-10-387-33 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarai 8-09148ххххх

Saraktach 8-35333ххххх

Saransk 8-8342хххххх

Saran 8-10-732-137 Kazakhstan

Sarapul 8-34147

Sarata 8-10-380-4848 Ukraine

Saratov 8-8452ххххх

Sargatskoe 8-38178ххххх

Sardoba 8-10-998-6731 Usbekistan

Sari 9-10-98-151 Iran

Sarmanovo 8-85559ххххх

Sarnu 8-10-380-3655 Ukraine

Sarov 8-83130

Sartavala 8-81430ххххх

Sarukol 8-10-7-31451 Kazakhstan

Let's designate these "telephone" SAR - cities on a map by means of service Google map.

Fig.1 Sar-cities from the modern telephone directory.

Before us practically correct cross which axes coincide with axes of a cross of Sacred George, received by us earlier.

Let's reconcile Sacred George's cross in territory Rossia and the Europe for the information [4].

Fig. 2. The Road net of Eurasia. There is the centralsimmetric structure with the center in Moscow.

Let's add on a map all the occupied and geographical points with name Sar, and similar what only probably to find by means of Google, [5] we shall note:

Saardam, the Dutch small village where Tsar Peter I studied to construction of the ships;

Both capitals of Golden Horde, Sarai, Old and New;

Capital of Khazar Haganat, Sarkel;


Tsar grad, Turkey;

Zermatt - mountain in the Austrian Alpes (Tsar Mother);

Saaremaa - island in Estonia (Sara - mother);

Surrey - a county to England, the Greater London.

Let's note SAR - the countries.

Saar - the country in Germany, capital Saarbrucken.


Serdania - the country in France and Spain, the majority of settlements maintain this name.



Edge Ussurijsky.

Fig. 3. SAR-cities of Eurasia.

Unmarked in the Europe there was, perhaps, only Sarras, a city in which according to sir Melori, the author of the novel « Arthur's Death », Sacred Graal was stored.

Last map has following features.

1. Despite of an abundance of Sar-cities and districts in the Europe and Asia, the general contour of the cross filled SAR - cities, has not disappeared, and though was considerably deformed.

2. Most compactly Sar-cities are localized in vicinities of Moscow, reigning (zar) hailstones which for this reason we shall carry also to Sar-cities.

Let's note by the way, that the word "vicinity" has literal semantic filling « around of a cross », as is shown on maps above.

3. The northwest sector of the Sar-cross has appeared free from Sar-toponyms. In this district, Great Lithuania, ideological opponents of the Moscow sovereign lived times. From Belarus there have arrived to Moscow active assistants Nikon's reformers, in Belarus, most likely, made false « Cathedral act ». Apparently, these events are connected with religious disagreements between the population of Lithuania and Moskovia which were showed at a choice of a name for the settlement by builders of cities.

4. Distribution of SAR-cities in the form of a cross shows that during an epoch of their construction religious representations of builders coincided on a greater part of the Europe and Asia within the limits of logic of the Moscow vicinity, differently the cross could not turn out. This logic can be understood, how aggregate of representations of Orthodoxy before Nikon's period.

5. On the direct line connecting a mouth of Neva and a mouth of Volga [6], which appears axis SAR - cross, following SAR-cities have settled down.

Village Sarskoe [7], actual capital of orthodox Russian empire in XVIII - XIX centuries;

Moscow, capital of the orthodox state;

Ryazan (Name Sar is readed from right to left), capital of an orthodox specific princedom of Russia in XIII century;

Old Sarai [8], capital of the Christian state Golden Horde since XIII century;

New Sarai [9], capital of the Islamic state Golden Horde since XIV century;

Sarkel [10], Khazar capital, which elite professed Judaism in IX century;

4. Names of gods whence undertake.

Let's look now as there could be at mankind a belief, that the Mother of god call Sara. Orthodox perfectly knows about this name. The pray « Adequately is » names the Mother of god famous without comparison Seraphim [11].

In Hindu religious literature, Surya is notably mentioned as the visible form of God that one can see every day [12].

The key fact for understanding of sense of name Surya is that « in after Veda period Surya loses the most part of the value ». If the Sun has lost the value, now on the Earth mosses and lichens would philosophize. Hence, it is a question of the central star of the Galaxy which has lost the brightness and even visibility for memories of mankind.

In Laws of Manu a strong alcoholic drink refers to «syra». For its drink severe punishment is necessary.

91. A twice-born man who has (intentionally) drunk, through delusion of mind, (the spirituous liquor called) Sura shall drink that liquor boiling-hot; when his body has been completely scalded by that, he is freed from his guilt;

92. Or he may drink cow's urine, water, milk, clarified butter or (liquid) cowdung boiling-hot, until he dies;

In the same place the reason of such severity is explained.

98. When the Brahman (the Veda) which dwells in his body is (even) once (only) deluged with spirituous liquor, his Brahmanhood forsakes him and he becomes a Sudra [13].

It is possible to believe that prohibition of the use of Sura has arisen after Arian in the Ryazan ground has got clear understanding of consequences of unlimited drunkenness. These ancestors carry in the Indian sources a name «Rsi», that is quite conformable with a name «Rus».

Let's show now, that name Sara could be put to a central star of the Galaxy in conformity on the basis of logic of an orthodox pray. By the way, Vedas a name of this goddess Sarasvati, i.e. Sara light (svet).

It is known, that patriarch Abraham, the founder of sources of Christian dogma, searched for the Creator in heavens. Here is how this episode in the Jewish Encyclopedia [14] is described.

Further Abraham proves to the father, that the idol not the god because does not eat the pie offered to him.

Though Abraham was disappointed in the sun and the moon as candidates for a role of the Creator, nevertheless, he turned pagans into true belief, specifying to them (after a plentiful entertainment) on the God in heavens.

(In the same place, ст.271)

We do not have bases to subject to doubts a legend stated by the author of the Jewish encyclopedia. We after Abraham search object in heavens suitable on a role of the Creator. The most suitable for a recognition as the Creator a heavenly body is the central star of the Galaxy the Milky Way. It is invisible a simple eye, but in devices it can be observed and studied. We assume that such situation of invisibility has arisen rather recently to historical measures. In memory of mankind there were various memoirs on a star which admitted our ancestors the visible creator of our terrestrial world.

Probably, in some pictures of Renaissance artists represented the central star of the Galaxy, instead of the Sun. In picture by Tintoretto, the represented star, unlike the Sun, has complex internal structure from concentric rings.


As Tintoretto, in the form of concentric rings, astronomers imagined the Galaxy in the beginning of XX century. Below the Scheme of a structure of our Galaxy from N.A.Morozov's book [15] is presented on fig. 5.

Modern representations about structure of the Galaxy much informative, then it was century ago. The galaxy is considered having the spiral structure similar to structure of other spiral galaxies, visible in a sky. As an example visible today the spiral galaxy similar to our own Galaxy the Milky Way, the galaxy Fireworks is chosen.

Fig.6. NGC 6946.

Its number NGC 6946 [16]. It is almost in zenith, between constellations of the Cygnus and Cepheus. Its optical angular diameter is about 13 arcminutes, but viewed at radio wavelength at the frequency of neutral hydrogen (1420 Mhz or 21-cm line), it extends considerably more than the angular diameter of the Moon.

The structure of a galaxy is much more complex, than the elements allocated above in figure similar to Russian letters CP. These elements suppose also other treatments, for example, they can be read through, as Latin, or to change the order of following on РС.

As a result such words, as Capo (the head, the chief), Capital, and Cyprus will turn out. Here we also have found a place as which inhabitants of foggy England quite could consider paradise, named Sarras, and place here Holy Grail was. [17]. It is necessary to read through only a Latin name of Cyprus in Russian: Суррус. Before us an acronym which is equally read in both directions.

5. Possible natives of Russia, Ruses.

One of essential differences of the European mentality from Russian consists that Russian in case of occurrence of critical circumstances in all historical times saw for themselves an output in change of a residence, leave Russia for other countries, on the West. To Europeans it is impossible, in philosophical sense there is no place to leave, they already in the West, and remains to solve the problems the mind not leaving their successors on an old residence.

Our ease in change of the places, and the European propensity to protect once the mastered places, is noted by historians

Quite probably, that such adherence to traditions was reflected in a name of one family, a tribe, the sort which has created in Eurasia new settlement.

While ancestors lived in Russia, they had the general name «Rus». But after replacing area of living, an output for borders of an ancestral home, a name Rus it is already inappropriate, as does not reflect change of places. It could be corrected, but with preserving the major root Rus, as the name of Mother of god Sara which has been read through from right to left.

Let's reconcile the alphabetic (Russian) list of titles of the countries, people and separate surnames which have chance to be descendants of natives of Russia and kept in a name this connection.

Rus - the country, town, people, family, name, concept of military valour.

А-русы, Русса, Руза, Рязань

Б-русы, Боруссия

В-русы, варяги, враги?

Г-русы, Грузия, Greece

Д-русы, друзы, друзья?

Е-русы, Иерусалимляне?

Ж-русы, Жорес

З-русы, Зоррас

И-русы, Ирис?

К-русы, Карузо, Cruz, Крёз

Л-русы, Ларусс,

М-русы, Маруся, Marocco

Н-русы, Нарусова, Нарочь

О-русы, Орусь- river, family

П-русы, Пруссия, Парис(ж)

Р-Русы, Рорусь? Весь?

С-русы, Сайрус, Santa Cruz? Саррас

Т-русы, трусы? Trust, этруски

У-русы, Урусов

Ф-русы, фируза, Фракия - Fracia

Х-русы, Хрис(теос), херуски, германское племя 1 века н.э., вождь Арминий.

Ц-русы, царь Рус

Ч-русы, Черусти

Ш-русы, Шираз

Э-русы, Эрос, Эрец Израэл

Ю-русы Йорусалим?

Я-русы, ярус - строй, ярость.

As we see, the list based almost on full the Cyrillic alphabet, all over the world, as it follows on our representations about Sacred Georg's cross of Russia, as the beginning of distribution Indo-Europeans was collected.



During an epoch of construction of SAR-cities in territory of the Europe and Asia there was a general ideology in these territories occupied by coreligionists of Slavic sacred Sergei, Nile , and Savva Serbski. This orthodox ideology consisted in reverence of the Mother of god under name Sara.

Distinctions between ideological bases of Khazaria, a Gold Horde, and Russia appear not basic as was considered earlier. These distinctions probably to explain within the limits of concepts about exclusive structure of a then Aryan society of Eurasia, but differing under the forms, justified by requirements of self-maintenance of castes.

These domestic exclusive requirements of self-preservation have led subsequently to making up independent Abraamic religions. Then people had lost memory of former ideological and blood unity within the limits of worship of Mother of god Sara, as a result of artificial spiritual reforms.


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Sergei S. Robaten, Names of cities of Eurasia, as beacons of history of Slavs // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.15523, 10.09.2009

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