V. Meshcheryakov
The Soul of Russia is Universe (or the reason to fly to Mars)
«...the national superpurpose of universal scale is simply necessary for us otherwise Russian mind wont be saved».
S.I. Suhonos

«The Earth is cradle of mind, but it is not allowed to live in cradle eternity».
K.E. Tsiolkovskiy

In the beginning of the last century K. Tsiolkovskiy has shown how the mankind can go out behind boundary of Earth in Space. Half-century went and the first man saw our Earth from Space.

Today in practice over in a hundred years after K. Tsiolkovskiy was drew a way to stars, our compatriot M.V. Smelov has experimentally proved an opportunity of making gravilets in near future and developed the basic diagram of near-earth, circumsolar and galactic transport network in a future.

Our story is about it.

What the gravilevitaion, i.e. the method of gravilets motion, is we will explain in the beginning. Gravilevitation is the effect of levitation (emersion) of mass in gravitational or inertial field.

It comes true by self-focusing of radiation of electromagnetic solitons (EM-solitons) of vacuum in method developed by M.V. Smelov. (About EM-solitons it is possible to get to know in detail in his works published on a site www.trinitas.ru). This focusing is realized by generation and concentration of the specified radiation in volume of a gravilevitating body that cause compensation of gravitation.

Smelov used the EM-solitons antenna developed by him for generation and focusing of radiation of these solitons which field in the shape of quadrupole deformation (or deformation of pure shear) of vacuum compensated a gravitational and inertial field inside of volume of antenna which begins to gravilevitate.

It has appeared that if to focus EM-solitons radiation in the free space, then the conical gravilevitation area forms in focus of EM-soliton rays; in this area a stable motion of gravilevitating bodies comes true and also a vector of soliton reactive traction is created in case of antenna use as the mover 1 (prototype of gravilevitating transport — a gravilet). The plan of focusing of radiation of EM-solitons forming a stable gravilevitation cone and a teleportation string which is created by a scan focusing of EM-solitons rays along an axis of a gravilevitation cone is shown in fig. 1. Any body will move without inertia along this axis.

Figure 1. The plan of focusing of radiation of EM-solitons forming a stable gravilevitation cone and a teleportation string

It is possible to create solid layers of transport main road s of near-earth space at concentration of EM-solitons radiation in crossed areas of gravilevitation cones. The plan of focusing at crossing gravilevitation cones creating transport main roads of gravilevitation at the near-earth area is shown in fig. 2. (A passive gravilevitation).

Figure 2.

Spaces are not important for this technology. So the disposition of developed EM-solitons antennas on the Earth or planets of Solar system will allow to create transport main roads of teleportation within the limits of this System and in the deep space. The system of crossed cones of the adjacent cruciform antennas of EM-solitons located on the Earth is shown in fig. 3. The s can focusing of EM-solitons rays of several ground-based stations 1, 2 and et cetera along several axes of gravilevitation cones will allow to create teleportation strings for the movement of any bodies in circumsolar space.

Figure 3.

The scan focusing in cosmic scale will be coming true by installation of cruciform antennas on planets of Solar System and by synchronous rotational displacement of antennas rays along a teleportation string as shown in fig. 4.as shown in fig. 4.

Figure 4.

The sense of flight on the Mars becomes clarity now. This is not simple expenditure of money and study the planet for far future, but the beginning of creature circumsolar transport system.

What do this greatest plans basis? What do this experiment which show the practicable execution of Russian cosmists dream, of generation of enthusiasts of the sixtieth, and which bear the new generation of earliest explorers?

We shall description the experiments lead by M.V. Smelov and we shall show the estimation of microwave frequency power which necessary for gravilevitation realization.

The essence of the first experiment (Fig.5) was reduced to measuring change of energy of a gravitational field of the Earth in element volume (calculation of this change is given below), witch induced by activity running EM-solitons of a ferromagnetic. This changing of energy creates changing of gravity in volume antennas element, consequently safe pressure forces on a substrate 2 that causes decrease of a frictional force between element and a substrate. The changing (decrease) of a frictional force was determined by fixing the beginning of a motion (slide) of element by substrate which preliminarily inclined on 34 (~0.01 radian) with rotary-dividing cap helps. On such quantity (~0.01 radian) was expected the relative changing of weighty force (P=100 milligram) of the element of the antenna 1, i.e. at 1 milligram (this is weight of normal grain of sand in the size 1 mm for comparison).

Figure 5.

At the beginning the basis was established horizontally by longitudinal and a transverse axis of installation. The element in the beginning was not alloyed by a radioactive isotope and established on a substrate. Then the basis with a substrate and element inclined on 3 degrees so that the element was still held on substrate by dry friction forces with unknown friction coefficient (~0.1). Besides this friction held the element 1 on longitudinal axis OX with included magnetizing field with intensity ~2000 E 2 which created perturbing unknown magnetic perturbation quantity no more than 20 E at a slope angle of the basis ~3 degrees. For such tilted condition of installation the impulses of an electromagnetic wave of various duration (110 nanoseconds) and porosity (10100) on a carrier frequency 35 GHz (a period of SHF 3 oscillation T~0.3 nanosecond). During that was observed generation of spinwave magnetic solitons (M-solitons) of gyrotropic medium with length of M-soliton =0.25 mm at the SHF-signal in an impulse with power 110 W 4. At these modes by means of detector EM-solitons (with the antenna of the same type, that in an emitter) the deficiency of EM-solitons and deficiency of sliding of the element 1 on a substrate was fixed. If EM-solitons were generated in this case the compensation of the weight of element 1 by calculations would make and the element of the antenna should move downwards along tilted substrate. However such motion did not occur even for another not considered factors for which revealing the description investigation phase served.

Then the element of the antenna was removed from a substrate and was located in a nuclear reactor for a alloying in a huge nuclear resonance by its irradiation of delayed neutron beam with energy 30 keV 5. After that this strongly radioactive ferromagnetic element of the antenna (with integral radiation more than 600 Curie 600 Roentgen/hour) was put on the same substrate and in the same installation. The same generation modes of the microwave-electromagnetic impulses (featured above) had been switched on and the generation of EM-solitons impulses was observed on the same receiver of EM-solitons in shielded volume (from electromagnetic fields and -radiations of a ferromagnetic). The slide process of the antennas element downwards along the tilted substrate was observed in result. Thus the effect of gravity force changing in antenna volume was fixed.

M.V. Smelov has produced qualitative calculation of a necessary microwave power for realization of gravilevitation method. He used the Newton formula for increment gravitational energy of volume element mass (E) with height H at changing of external gravitational field potential on in volume of a body with height :


where is a part of antenna element mass (m) which is a subject to compensation; a free fall acceleration near the Earth; is antenna element height which is situated on constant distance from a surface of the Earth.

Then the power W spent for this changing of energy E in unit time t has turned out equal to:


where the quantity of is without inertial climbing capacity of gravilevitation. It is necessary to note that velocity of simple inertial (with acceleration) motions is equal to , and these concepts essentially differ.

In the described experiment 0.01 part of antenna element weight with mass m=0.1 is compensated. That is ; (SHF-impulse length of EM-soliton); is a vertical thickness of the antenna element plate. Therefore the necessary power in EM-soliton impulse is equal


Continuous (medial) power is equal at the pulse ratio C=100 used in experiment.

SHF-generator had such small power. The utilization of electronic (diode) key for an impulse length ~ 1 nanosecond at the pulse ratio 100 has allowed to increase the power of the SHF-generator in impulse up to the specified value 4 watt.

Very high quantity of climbing capacity was reached in this experiment. Then for example 4 megawatt of the power (in an impulse) or 40 kilowatt of the continuous power is necessary for mass compensation , and 4 GW of the power (in an impulse) or 40 MW of the continuous power is necessary for mass compensation .

At the of climbing capacity quantity decrease to 1 m/s, i.e. at the increase of EM-soliton pulse length up to 1 microsecond, than 4 kW of the power (in an impulse) or 40 watt of the continuous power is necessary for gravilevitation (compensation) of mass , and 4 MW of the power (in an impulse) or 40 kW of the continuous power is necessary for compensation of mass .

Such powers can be provided both on the Earth and in an Earth satellite orbit by means of existing solar batteries or satellite power reactor facility. In addition the process of redistribution of energy of elastic deformation of vacuum in electromagnetic energy which it is probable to use for the purposes of gravilevitation is possible.

In M.V. Smelov's opinion gravilevitation without inertia acts a destabilizing part in the described experiment. It is related to that that process of gravilevitation go on during short EM-soliton impulse with duration ~ 1 ns and climbing capacity 1000 m/s, so the mass rises (without inertia) on height 1 micrometer (for example due to centrifugal forces of rotation of the Earth). During a pause with duration (porousness 100) the mass freely falls with acceleration g transiting a trajectory


that make a size of order of Compton electron radius or the size of atomic kernel and means a practical immovability of mass for this time. The effect of antenna mass hovering is caused by that the next EM-soliton come up to the same point of the antenna element and process of gravilevitation iterates again because all points of the antenna have no time to displace downwards during a pause and antenna remains to hang above a substrate. However this situation is possible only in an ideal case without external disturbance. Stationary (stable) gravilevitation was not observed in the described experiment.

For the purpose of gravilevitation stabilization around of longitudinal and a transverse axis of antenna element it has appeared that the element must made to shape of cross on which the specified SHF-generator and permanent magnet magnetizing ferromagnetic are disposed (fig.6).

Figure 6. The plan of focusing of EM-solitons radiation by the cruciform gravilevitating antenna element.

The lines of force 1 of locally quadrupole gravitational field of the Earth which are compensated by EM-soliton quadrupole field and quarterfoil loops 2 of this EM-soliton which located in the libration area of the cruciform antenna are shown in this figure. Such system possesses stable equilibrium around of longitudinal and a transverse axis OX and OY, but does not possess stability for perturbations along these axes.

The centering force in the form of pressure difference along these axes is necessary for making a stable gravilevitation (and stability of motion of gravilevitating bodies) along the specified axes that is reached by an angularly direction of beams of EM-solitons radiation in shoulders of antenna cross to a plane of cross, as shown in Fig.7.

Figure 7. The plan of focusing of stabilized gravilevitating cruciform antenna element.

The technical plan which is shown in figure 7 is a prototype of gravilevitating transport — a gravilet.

It is necessary to note that a gravitational field and consequently the inertial field are compensated along axis OZ of a gravilevitation (or teleportations), therefore arbitrarily small mechanical pulse of EM-soliton radiation will transmit to a gravilet an arbitrary large climbing capacity that is equivalent to infinitely large soliton jet thrust, i.e. teleportation mode is realized. In this mode with the exterior observers point of view the proper time on a gravilet is closed in a ring, i.e. the time stops. Such dynamic states of a field with the time closed in a ring exist in the general relativity theory of Einstein.

As radiation of EM-solitons exists not only in the antenna element (in the shape of a magnetic soliton), but also in vacuum, shoulders of a cross can be telescoped as shown in Fig.8, then a focus of EM-solitons radiation will exist in the freed space at centre of a cross. The mass of a body 1 of any nature placed in this focus will gravilevitate as well as the antenna element described above.

Figure 8. The plan of focusing of EM-solitons radiation in conical area of gravilevitation of bodies.

EM-solitons antennas have been created by M.V. Smelov for acknowledgment of his ideas and theoretical calculations.

The experiment with two tilted shoulders of a cross 1 and 3 (fig. 1) has shown a stable process of gravilevitation in plane XOZ. The oppositely directional EM-soliton radiation by power 10 watt (by electromagnetic component of triune soliton field) was created in this experiment by two electromagnetic screened antennas for example as in the figure 8. These elements were set horizontally and telescoped on 20 cm from each other along an axis of radiation. Fine-dispersed powder of chalk or carbon black, or a metal nonmagnetic powder of copper, or a magnetic powder of iron was strewed from above to the centre of libration (gravilevitation) cone. Fine-dispersed particles stopped at centre and then strewed downwards along transverse axis OZ (because elements 2 and 4 was absent). Mass of a mote 1 (fig. 8) of the order ~1 microgram with a visible size of a mote of the order 20 microns. Thus the compensation of a weight of a body 1 of the order 1 microgram was observed. The dust of large sizes and masses rapidly lost stability of a gravilevitation and dropped to the ground. Approximately 100 particles of a dust with a size ~10 microns and with a mass ~1 microgram was levitated close to focus in volume with size about 0.5 mm, meanwhile mass of all passively gravilevitating particles or their weight was equal to ~100 microgram (0,1 milligram). EM-solitons radiation power (by electromagnetic component) was set equal to 4 watt in a impulse with duration 3 nanoseconds and with length of EM-soliton 0.25 mm.

There was instability along two orthogonal axes owing to absence of the centering forces in passive gravilevitation system, as well as in autonomous (active) gravilevitation system as shown in fig.6. I t is necessary to tilt shoulders of a cross 1, 2, 3, 4 in relation to a plane of a cross as shown in fig. 1 f or stabilization of such passive gravilevitation by analogy with fig. 8. These antenna elements 1, 2, 3, 4 being motionless fixed on the Earth form in space the focus of EM-solitons radiation in which the stable conical area of a gravilevitation is created. Any body placed into this area will be at rest in relation to the Earth. It is necessary to synchronously turn EM-solitons rays (to scan by rays) along axis of gravilevitation cone for motion vertically upwards with constant climbing capacity (without inertia) along a string of teleportation. And each of rays are superdirective (don' t scatter) and focus by themselves as property of all solitons. In addition all rays focus by themselves too. Thus the extent of focusing is incremented with increase of distance and these rays turn into a filament at infinites, i.e. are collapsing.

In comparison with the described variant of an active gravilevitation of the antenna (fig. 7) when the compensation of a part of its weight is equal to 1 milligram, the r esult is many times worse caused by the so far unknown energy loss channel which was observed at a passive gravilevitation of a dust mass with weight 0. 1 milligram.

It is necessary to tell in conclusion of the experiment description that all EM-solitons antennas have been shielded up to a level 90 dB W by a copper foil with thickness 0.1 mm with the purpose of a shielding of electromagnetic fields existing around the antenna and a shielding of -particles (electrons) of neutron nuclear disintegration. It is necessary for exclusion of ponderomotive forces act of electromagnetic fields, of influence of ionization of air in duced by electrons of - disintegration, and also of elastic (contact) and nonelastic act of these electrons. Influence of a temperature heating of air or antenna elements was rather insignificant that was detected at replacement of the radioactive ferromagnetic elements by not radioactive element with the same powers of excitation of magnetic solitons of spin waves.

These experiments and technical developments indicate that the new cosmonautics is born before our eyes.

I n the new global space transport system b odies will move without inertia because the motion of bodies is related to gravitation compensation process. T he reason of this numerical equivalence as M.V. Smelov has proved, in essence, in identity of these action- counteraction forces (gravitation and inertia) caused by compaction or softening of elastic vacuum by moving mass which is a soliton energy c lot of the self-organized screw deformation of the same vacuum which is capable to make a work, i.e. the action for change of a symmetry (a topology) of surrounding fields and bodies. With these properties of vacuum is related also that the phenomenon of teleportation, i.e. the movement along a string (at scanning rays along it), can occur to any climbing capacity. There is no contradiction with the generally accepted physics principles in M.V. Smelov's opinion. Why? It is a separate theme for serious article.

But now Russia gets down to practical development of circumsolar space. Everyone who wants to take part in it is welcome to join.

Rushing to stars p overty-ridden Russia which is always slighted and not understood by West utilitarian thinking demonstrates the adherence of i nfinite again. Because the Soul of Russia is all Universe.

  •  1)  Syn.: driver.
  •  2) Erg.
  •  3) Super High Frequency (Microwave).
  •  4) Watt.
  •  5) Kiloelectron-volt.

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