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The sobering truth about world crisis


General character of a present economic collapse insistently induces to interpret and realize it philosophically. In general, the sense of an event in any sphere can be grasped only "from above" by means of the "metatheory" surveying all subject domain subordinated to it. So, the metaphysics appeals to the supersensual bases of life which are dropping out, alas, from the competence of a science, but are providently illuminated in Revelation. And today, in a history crucial moment, the unprecedented and significant rapprochement of two eternally separating sights at the world comes off.

It is only enough to overcome the dominating today left-hemisphere thinking defective one-sided thought, tragically missing sense of "reckless" activity dictated by it. This rational line is shown both as intellectually by the "unsinkable" system approach, and in practice by infamous technical innovations. And the saving comprehension is reached by other party of a brain at once eliminating ruin in heads, namely by right-hemisphere strategy. It subtly manages all our mentality being focused an important point! - on whole. It is essential thus, that our right brain emotionally "co-operates" with heart. And proposed new vision proceeds with presence of pre-establishedt integrity of universe, calling in question all technocratic ambitions, and in particular all attempts to nature improvement and transformation.

Any integrity, as for instance of an organism, is not formed out of parts, but rather is born from similar one or from idea and a plan more likely. Actually, such history is also presented to us in the Revelation meaning "opening". The true has been opened "from above"- at once and completely - inducing sincere people to thinking reorganisation.

Similar enlightenment in metaphysics comes via mathematical correlate of universe integrity in the name of well-known golden ratio. It was for a long time established, that not only natural objects follow the "gold" organization, but also - all masterpieces of art in any genre. And from here, going by return similarity, we conclude, that the world is also created by unsurpassed Artist and as well perfective,. It is necessary to leave former "models": notorious Big Bang and evolution as annoying misunderstanding of thought: they go away in the past and give path to creative process. Moreover, the theory of self-organization, not seeing quite the wonderful gold harmony, has obviously compromised itself. And at last NB! we even find an adequate description of spirit the main active basis, discussed during the centuries by philosophers and received in the end the specific numerical expression in gold.

Therefore the verge between scientific and Bible representations is henceforth erased, and references to the Holy Scripture become quite pertinent and lawful. Especially as events in the world develop now in accuracy under "scenario" foreordained in the Bible. The God five times at creation stages has repeated, that it was good, and at creation of man it was very good.

But Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien - and violent modernization of environment is equivalent, obviously, with attempts to add (or erase) a few dabs to Repin painting, which is isostructural to the nature (!), or - some missing notes in Beethoven's sonata. Being in the golden Spirit and congenial to our Creator, the artist generates in his small domain something similar to God's gold production - self-sufficient and complete, not requiring the further improvement. Such is the key point of a new paradigm.

The technical thought, nevertheless, uncontrollably to shake us by something new. But not everyone new as speak, will be obligatory the best. And it is now found out and why

Now euphoria concerning scientific and technical progress is replaced by restraint. We will ponder upon etymology of a word "industry": "diligence" on Latin. Whether it has turned out so, what we simply "were overzealous", having created mountain of the things alien to initial integrity and provoking negative by-effects essentially ineradicable in the light of stated? In addition, the overabundance of the goods does not find the buyer already having, apparently, all is absolute...

... Still founders gave to "the integrity factor mystical character, including its incognizable. And from the Christian point of view it is a question of belief which should prevail over . Through true belief we also "are connected" to world whole, showing love to the Founder of all and all. Already Platon has begun to see clearly love, believing it thirst of integrity and aspiration to it" (!). And in modern terms it is possible to speak about spiritual expression of a principle (N.Bor) what integrally and "is built in" in a essence of "a gold proportion. Hence, through love we fill "limited" - physiological - whole to finishing and spiritually - transcendental.

Thus, the spirit of integrity appeals not only to correct outlook, but that is even more important invites to be built in by all being and through heart the preestablished harmony of life and to find thereby the higher completeness of a life.

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