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Peter Fomichev
From Discovery by American Astrophysicists to the Unified Law of Physical Dynamics

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After many years of observations, in the first half of the 20th century, astronomers discovered a paradoxical physical fact: the velocities of stars in spiral galaxies diverge from the Keplerian regularity of change in velocities inherent in the dynamics of planetary motion round the Sun:

As a result, there emerged a hypothesis of the existence of dark matter in spaces surrounding a galaxy. The French mathematician Henri Poincaré was the first to use the term “dark matter”, when he applied direct and reverse radicals, laying the mathematical foundations of special (STR) and general (GTR) theories of relativity, which led physicists to a hypothetical theory of the existence of “black holes.”

Peter Higgs’ attempt to overcome this physical and mathematical uncertainty using another hypothetical theory did not lead him to the result expected. After the fact of the decay of the Higgs bosons was established during physical experiments conducted on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), voices were heard among modern theorists of the Universe about the need to create a new physical science.

In 2016, U.S. astrophysicists Stacy McGaugh, Federico Lelli and James M. Schombert published the results of their long-term observations in the journal Physical Review Letter. Studying the motion of stars in the infrared range of radiation, they found that their radial acceleration was in substantial agreement with the gravitational acceleration, formerly believed to characterize bodies with visible mass. Proceeding from this, they argue that the spatio-temporal relations revealed are equivalent to a new law of nature. This is quite logical, if we take into account that throughout the history of physics, contradictory patterns in data, as a rule, have highlighted ways to new discoveries.

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Peter Fomichev, From Discovery by American Astrophysicists to the Unified Law of Physical Dynamics // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.26269, 02.04.2020

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