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Stanislav Konstantinov
Reflections on the nature of space and time (Space and time - phantoms of the material world)

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If nobody asks me I know what time is, if I am asked then I am at a loss what to say

Saint Augustine’s words


What is space and time, what is their nature? To answer this question we must turn to the fundamental physical principles of causality and the equivalence of mass, cast doubt on the SRT and GRT Einstein to abandon the Lorentz transformation and of Maxwell's electrodynamics. The causality principle provides one of the general principles of physics establishing the permissible limits of the influence of physical events on one another; it allows no impact of a given event on all the events that have already occurred (“the cause event precedes the effect event in time” and “the future does not influence the past”). The relativist causality principle is even stronger as it also rules out the mutual influence of the events separate by a space-like interval; the notions of “earlier” or “later” are not absolute for them and they change over with the change of the reference frame. The mutual influence of these events would have been possible only with the frame of reference which includes the object travelling at a speed larger than the speed of light in the vacuum. There is much evidence and experimentation at present showing speeds many times larger than the speed of light. Incidentally, faster-than-light neutrinos were observed in the supernova explosions and the neutrinos were detected first and the optic explosion was noticed hours later.

Time is not accelerated nor decelerated in different reference frames, but the rates of all processes are simply equally changed under the effect of the changing gravitation potential because the mass changes. So time is regarded here as purely Newtonian and it only exists in our mind, and the requirement of relativistic invariance seems to be a hundred-year long illusion of man. The world is not solely electromagnetic waves.

The gravitational and inertial fields define the dimensions of space and the rate of flow of time. In the article suggests the conclusion of classical space-time with of the real physical laws discovered by Johannes Kepler in the analysis of long-term astronomical observations of Tycho Brahe. Rather than lay a priori given space-time at all the theoretical constructs are invited to rely on the real physical picture of the world, as set out in Metaphysics I. Kepler and will be further developed in the works of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Arthur Eddington.

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Stanislav Konstantinov, Reflections on the nature of space and time (Space and time - phantoms of the material world) // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.23073, 18.02.2017

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