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Stanislav Konstantinov
New longitudinal magnetic interaction

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(Tokamaks, longitudinal waves and railgun engines)

Department of Physical Electronics, Russian State Pedagogical University, St.Petersburg, RCC”Energy”, Russia

E-mail: konstantinov.s.i@yandex.com

Abstract: The article raises the question of revision of Maxwell's electrodynamics and the refusal of the Lorentz calibration. Relatively modest results of years of work of the collective of the National Research Centre " Kurchatov Institute" in the creation of a fusion reactor based on the tokamak due to the fact that Maxwell's electrodynamics is very different from the real electrodynamics in a tokamak. The article examines the nature of longitudinal electromagnetic waves, as well as the possibility of wireless transmission energy. New electrodynamics theory can explain the Aharonov-Bohm effect and the physical nature of the forces in the railgun engines for which, based on the Lorentz transverse forces, could not find the correct explanation.

Keywords: Tokamak (toroidal chamber with magnetic coils for plasma confinement), a toroidal (non-force) magnetic field, poloidal (force) magnetic field, vector potential A .

1. Introduction

Soon it will be 10 years (2006) the agreement between Russia, EU, USA, Japan, China, Korea and India for the joint construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in France based on the tokamak. Prospects for the tokamak as a fusion (14 MeV) neutron source are considered. In June 2016 it was reported to delay completion of the work from 2020 to 2025. Today, we can talk about a complex problem faced by the creators of the ITER project, because for the calculation of electrodynamics in a tokamak currently used classical equations of Maxwell. Real electrodynamics inside the tokamak is very different from the calculation [1]. Hot plasma particles move along magnetic field lines of arbitrary topology to the walls of the tokamak and destroy it.

In the early 20th century it became clear that Maxwell's electrodynamics requires revision and improvement. But it took more than 100 years, and this task is not finished today. Attempts by a number of scientists [1,3,7,8] to point out the obvious contradictions and paradoxes of the classical and quantum electrodynamics encounter complete misunderstanding and fierce opposition from the apologists of the ruling today in the physics of Einstein's SRT and GRT. As a result the Maxwell equations have been separated from the original model of the environment in which the conduction currents and displacement played a very definite physical role. Since then, the electrodynamics of Maxwell lost virtually every opportunity its additions, changes and improvements. Not to recognize this fact is becoming more difficult, but the author of the article "Tokamaks: from A.D.Sakharov to nowadays (the 60 year tokamak history)" professor, member of the Board of plasma physics at NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, E.A.Azizov bypassed this fact with silence, although the plasma confinement in tokamaks T-15 less than 1s. [2].

2. Tokamaks electrodynamics (theory and experiments)

In the 20th century, many scientists including Albert Einstein undertook repeated unsuccessful efforts to unite gravitation and electromagnetism geometrically in the framework of four dimensions of Minkowski continuum, and only T.Kaluza has managed to do it, but in the five-dimensional formal world of four spatial dimensions and one time dimension. Eddington's statement that «a matter particle understood as a population of events is a system the linear extent of which has a time character» allowed him to pass on to the five-dimensional Kaluza theory. Here absolutely implicit physical meaning of the Kaluza fifth coordinate (hidden dimensions) becomes the real pseudo-spatial х5-coordinate. Eddington five-dimensional world absorbed all the advantages of the Kaluza five-dimensional world over the planar four-dimensional Minkowski continuum, allowed to reveal the connection between macrocosm, including space-time vision, and microcosm with the charge and mass of elementary particles, with presence of cosmic environment (uranoid), with the existence of electromagnetic vector and scalar fields. Eddington’s uranoid includes electrically neutral environment and equality of particles with opposite charges and the left and right polarization. This fifth component of the velocity of the particle has the physical meaning of the ratio of electric charge q to the mass m of the particle, which is included in the dimensional coefficient G - Newton's gravitational constant. The fifth equation of a geodesic is constant ratio q / m for the current state of the planets in the solar system (the current time horizon). Justice is even a statement that the momentum of the particles of the fifth coordinate is meaningful electric charge (up to a dimensional constant c / 2√G) [10].

Spatial and temporal diversity of different dimensions different properties introduced into these discrete transformations P-space conversion, the conversion time T and C charge conjugation. Eddington found equality in Uranoide particle systems with different properties.

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Stanislav Konstantinov, New longitudinal magnetic interaction // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.22267, 10.07.2016

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