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С.И. Константинов
Cosmic environment as energy source of Universe evolution

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Department of Physical Electronics, St.Peterburg Stabe Pedagogieal University

Abstract:The paper presents an unconventional view of physics within non-equilibrium systems, of irreversible, nonintegrable processes the matter birth. The evolutionary development an expansion of the Universe is due to an input of energy "from the outside" (on the part of the cosmic environment) an, Because of this energy, the Clausius statement on a "heat death of the Universe” is groundless. The five-dimensional Kepler-Newton-Eddington world is presented as a world of three-dimensional space and two-dimensional time. Invariant, symmetric equations of the Einstein’s general theory of relativity are not able to describe the irreversible, nonintegrable processes of matter generation and universe evolution. The theory of global resonance as a mechanism to transfer energy of LPS (Large Poincare Systems) has been also reviewed. It is such LPS dynamic systems, to which natural objects of particle interaction with the cosmic environment and with each other belong. Numerical values of structural elements (dipoles) of elastic cosmic environment and computation of energy released by environment by the medium of its deformation (polarization). Cold fusion reactors built on the basis of technology developments by Andrea Rossi and V.S.Leonov are considered at the ultra-deep penetration into the target are proposed.

Keywords: non-equilibrium systems; Large Poincare Systems (LPS); irreversible (non-integrable) processes; resonance; cosmological time, i.e. evolutionary, vector one; cyclic time, i.e. invariant, scalar one; dipoles; polarization; vector magnetic field; scalar magnetic field; longitudinal gravitational waves.

Today, science has irrefutable arguments to say that a concept of the space environment goes far beyond a concept of the physical vacuum. Within a standard model, recent astronomical observations made by Chinese scientists [1] have not found their explanation. From the perspective of the general relativity theory, it is impossible to explain anisotropy of three-degree background thermal radiation discovered by American scientists from the NASA [2]. A nature of superluminal radiation by N. Kozyrev [3] also has remained a mystery, as well as of torsion radiation by G. Shipov [4]. We need a new approach to assessing a role of the space environment of Universe evolution. In 2013 in the American edition the Unsolved Problems in Special and General Relativity, member of the Academy Hua Di, professors Fu Yuhua, Guo-Hua et al, totally 21 authors from PR China and professors L.G.Sapogin and Florentin Smarandache, proved a complete failure of SRT and GRT by Einstein. “The curtain of physical farce, which has lived for a century and a half, will fall in the near future”: Chinese scientists stated with eastern delicacy. A conclusive evidence for existence of the space ether is so-called “relic” thermal radiation identified in 1965 bu A.Penzias and R.Wilson. The radiation has an average temperature of 2.7 degrees Kelvin. Later, professionals from the NASA, made corrections to initially recognized isotropic distribution of radiation in the universe. With the help of Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) they found available little deviations from homogeneous distribution. Experiments show that background radiation anisotropy arises due to motion of The Solar System relative to this radiation [2]. For a cause for thermal of background radiation one should search in physical nature of the space environment [5] To write that referring to background radiation as a relic one is totally incompetent, it is more correct to identify it with neo-ether [5,6].

N. Kozyrev, professor at the Pulkovo Observatory, devoted forty years of his activities to solve an issue of stellar systems evolution. In his well-known work The Causal Mechanics, he wrote, "It is amazing that even such a specific question as why the Sun and the Stars shine, i.e. why they are in a thermal equilibrium with the surrounding space, cannot be solved within the framework of known physical laws. This conclusion follows an analysis of astronomical data. Degraded conditions of systems would have to prevail, whereas they almost never occur. A challenge is to understand why certain systems and celestial bodies themselves keep existing despite their short relaxation time?" [3].

N.A. Kozyrev in time of his astronomical observations of the star Procyon using a telescope, equipped with a special signalling sensor, found unknown radiation. Herewith the telescope was not focused on a place, which was seemingly emitting visible light, but the place where the star was actually located at that time, taking into account the light speed of light and a direction and speed of the star motion star. A propagation velocity of unknown radiation was significantly higher than the light speed (a signal reaches the earth almost instantly). N. Kozyrev recognised the time as a radiation source, as in math aspect he concluded that in the star all the forces were balanced to such an extent that there was just nowhere for power to come from [3].

However, in the late 60-ies, young scientists A. Akimov and G. Shipov reproducing N. Kozyrev’s experiments concluded that it was not the time as a source of mysterious radiation, but massless inertia vortices, which they called torsion radiation. A nature of inertia vortices formation has been still unclear, but having accepted the hypothesis of cosmic ether, we can assume that a reason for vortices formation is outrage of the space environment [4].

N. Kozyrev was the first scientist to evaluate in amount a contribution of the active impact of the environment into a progress of non-integrable, irreversible processes. Herewith, scientists did not only hold experiments on a global scale (gyroscopes, telescopes with bridges to measure currents, arising under an influence of an unknown superluminal radiation), but also recorded a change to the inertial mass in the context of an inelastic collision of two bodies or bodies heating. N. Kozyrev considered those effects as especially clear evidence saying that the cosmic environment (time, according to Kozyrev) had existing active properties. Here's how he described those properties, "Our multiple laboratory experiments have shown that the environment (time, according to Kozyrev) besides passive properties, also possesses active properties, i.e. the motion directivity and the density that determine an extent of its activity. As a result, the environment (time, according to Kozyrev) does not only provide a chance for a progress of processes, but also can influence them and a state of the matter as a kind of physical reality."[3].

A further research led N. Kozyrev to a conclusion that a cause for the evolution of natural space systems is an energy, inflowing "from the outside." He found that active properties on the part of the surrounding space environment (time - according to Kozyrev) were only represented in time of system reconfiguration, a transition from its stable equilibrium to a non-equilibrium, when, within the system, irreversible, non-integrable processes were prevailing, differences between the past and the future appeared [3].

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С.И. Константинов, Cosmic environment as energy source of Universe evolution // «Академия Тринитаризма», М., Эл № 77-6567, публ.20215, 17.02.2015

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